I am having an excellent time playing Fire Emblem Warriors. It is easily among my favorite games on the Switch. I love seeing some of my favorite characters come to life and also executing crazy activity combos! Having said that, it does endure from a few minor quirks and is doing not have in polish in particular locations. Majority of them I deserve to overlook, conserve for one: digital co-op. I know the game uses separation display screen co-op, however I wish I could play the game through household and friends digital. Thoughts?

Other than Hydominance Warriors, I haven't played a musou game given that Empires. Has there been any kind of musou game outside of the MMO releases that sell digital multiplayer?

Interesting. Is there anypoint particular that made online co-op not enjoyable to play? For instance, does the challenge scale accordingly?

I think both the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series sell Online Multiplayer, at least to my understanding.

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But I agree through you! Hopefully this is added in a later Update for FE:W!

It have to be cool if they have the right to patch it in somejust how, even though it is most likely unmost likely. Koei Tecmo will most likely wait for the sequel assuming tbelow is one. ;)

Have no friends to play co-op with, doing the Brynhildr mission right currently, and fuck me this shit is near impossible. Really require someone to aid me via this.

If just virtual co-op was an option (or AI deserve to be collection to "take treatment of grunts" or something).

It hasn't been as well negative for me. I have only simply started chapter 9 though. :)

What I have been doing is trying to level up four major characters, each with a different weapon form, so they deserve to effectively tackle different kinds of opponents. I then use the map commands to straight each character to a certain location where they have a tactical benefit and pair up staying characters with the primary to strengthen their bonds. I would certainly periodically take over a character if that character runs right into trouble.

But yes, I think it would be cool if the map assignments deserve to be divided up and assigned to multiple players. This can also permit the developers to create objectives with higher complexity or obstacle.

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The last few DW games that had online co op really didnt occupational that well. It wasnt enjoyable to play that way


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