Giving your kid a mobile phone is just one of the good conundrums of modern-day parenthood. Is it yes, really necessary? (Sort of.) When need to they have actually one? (Debatable). What is the best phone because that kids? (Depends on just how old castle are–and just how neurotic friend are). What need to their an initial cell phone call be? (There are method too many options). And also also, more screen time? Ugh.

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The screen part is in reality optional in kids’ cell phones, together it turns out. There are plenty that cheap cabinet phones for youngsters in straightforward styles available that function mostly as emergency cell phones because that kids, quite than as an additional expensive tech machine that transforms them right into phone-zombies (and impact their mind development!). And being maybe to save in touch v your child–and potentially find him or she at any type of given minute with GPS–is quite priceless, as much as tranquility of mind goes. Even if it is you purchase a smartphone for kids, a prepaid phone because that kids, or a phone v no net at every (like the standard Firefly cell phone), it’s all around what you’re comfortable with, what you desire to spend, and also the level the freedom and also sophistication your kiddo is ready for.

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The options for 2021 selection from durable, kid-proof cabinet phone/smart watch combos come ultra-basic, old-school models to much more advanced smartphones. Girlfriend can select a mobile with restricted numbers to call, a prepaid phone, a screenless walkie talkie-style alternative, or one through ‘the works’ prefer video, internet, and an ext (like the well known iPhone or iPod Touch). Perhaps ideal of all, many offer some sort of ar tracking–because providing your kid flexibility is important, but also terrifying.

Ahead, we’ve rounded increase the best cell phones for children in 2021. No issue your price variety or education style, there’s a pick right here that will save everyone happy.

Best Emergency Phones



Want to have the ability to stay in contact however worried around zombifying your children with more screen time? go into this screen-free, one-touch alternative. There’s no internet, that or she have the right to just press and hold the middle switch to talk (with as much as 10 various other Relay customers on 1 account), walkie-talkie style. The machine attaches come kiddo’s backpack or jacket, however parents need only download the Relay app on your grown-up smartphone to use! One mama raves, “Relay is the perfect means to keep track of my kid as that walks to and from school.”

$50 at RELAY


Nokia 3310

Want to save it simple? You might remember this tiny beauty from back in the day–and to it is in honest, it’s among the finest cell phones for children insomuch together its hella basic, affordable, and also lets you keep in touch. Through this celly, your kid have the right to make calls, beat music, send texts, and also take photos–and because that a starter phone, that’s a pretty an excellent deal.

$107.80 in ~ AMAZON


Gabb Z2

The Gabb Z2 is an excellent for kids and also will placed their parent’s mind at ease. With function such as general practitioners tracking, countless texting, bluetooth, and 8MP camera.



KidsConnect KC2

This tiny guy is perfect emergency phone for child use. A mobile with restricted numbers to call or text, together programmed by parents, this portable options likewise has a integrated GPS tracker, location history, and also SOS function that, once activated, will send a text blog post with your kiddo’s place to approximately 3 mobile number–and climate it will certainly autodial the numbers on the SOS list.

$89.95 at AMAZON


VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ electronic devices Smart maker with KidiConnect in Pink

The brand recognized for kids tech toys has finally produced a (Wi-Fi only) cell phone that lets kids send texts, voice messages, photos, and also drawings come an approved list of contacts. Gift learning-toy makers, the folks in ~ Vtech have naturally outfitted the phone through 40 education games, and also a kid-safe web browser. It’s also got bumpers and a shatter-safe screen, due to the fact that the finest cell phones for children are design to resist being cure like, well, toys.

$110.59 at AMAZON

21% OFF


Unihertz Jelly Pro

This call is supervisor teeny (seriously, it deserve to fit in the coin pocket of her jeans) but don’t underestimate its capabilities. Equipped through a integrated gyroscope the determines that is position and orientation, the Jelly Pro additionally has lot of of memory to save music, a pedometer to track steps, and bluetooth support, every one of which make it a challenger for best an initial mobile phone because that 11 year olds and also up.

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$115 in ~ AMAZON

Smartwatch cell phone Combos


Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Need a tiny help keeping the tiny one in line? Verizon’s Gizmowatch is basically a wearable mobile with restricted numbers to contact (up come 10 programmable contacts), message capabilities, and a action tracker–but that’s no all. Through the GizmoHub app, you deserve to literally collection boundaries, via GPS, and get automatically alerted if your kiddo crosses one–sort of like having actually an digital babysitter.