Giving your child a mobile phone is among the great conundrums of modern parenthood. Is it really necessary? (Sort of.) When must they have one? (Debatable). What is the best phone for kids? (Depends on exactly how old they are–and exactly how neurotic you are). What have to their initially cell phone be? (Tright here are way too many type of options). And likewise, even more screen time? Ugh.

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The display screen portion is actually optional in kids’ cell phones, as it transforms out. Tright here are plenty of cheap cell phones for kids in basic formats easily accessible that feature mostly as emergency cell phones for youngsters, fairly than as one more expensive technology tool that turns them right into phone-zombies (and also impact their brain development!). And being able to save in touch via your child–and perhaps locate him or her at any kind of given minute through GPS–is pretty pricemuch less, as far as peace of mind goes. Whether you purchase a smartphone for youngsters, a prephelp phone for children, or a phone via no internet at all (choose the classical Firefly cell phone), it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, what you desire to spend, and also the level of flexibility and sophistication your kidcarry out is ready for.

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The options for 2021 range from sturdy, kid-proof cell phone/smart watch combos to ultra-basic, old-institution models to more advanced smartphones. You can pick a cell phone through restricted numbers to speak to, a prepaid phone, a screenless walkie talkie-style different, or one through ‘the works’ choose video, internet, and more (favor the infamed iPhone or iPod Touch). Perhaps ideal of all, a lot of offer some type of area tracking–because offering your son liberty is crucial, but likewise terrifying.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best cell phones for kids in 2021. No issue your price variety or parenting style, there’s a pick here that will store everyone happy.

Best Emergency Phones



Want to have the ability to continue to be in call but worried around zombifying your kids with more display time? Enter this screen-complimentary, one-touch different. There’s no internet, he or she deserve to simply push and also organize the middle button to talk (via up to 10 various other Relay customers on 1 account), walkie-talkie style. The gadget attaches to kiddo’s backfill or jacket, but parental fees need only download the Relay app on their grown-up smartphone to use! One mama raves, “Relay is the perfect way to save track of my boy as he walks to and from college.”



Nokia 3310

Want to keep it simple? You may remember this little bit beauty from back in the day–and also to be honest, it’s one of the ideal cell phones for kids insomuch as its hella straightforward, affordable, and lets you save in touch. With this celly, your boy can make calls, play music, sfinish messages, and also take photos–and for a starter phone, that’s a pretty good deal.

$107.80 AT AMAZON


Gabb Z2

The Gabb Z2 is good for children and will certainly put their parent’s mind at ease. With feature such as GENERAL PRACTITIONERS tracking, unlimited texting, bluetooth, and 8MP cam.



KidsConnect KC2

This little male is an ideal emergency phone for child use. A cell phone via limited numbers to contact or message, as programmed by paleas, this portable options also has a integrated GPS tracker, location background, and also SOS function that, as soon as activated, will certainly send a message message via your kiddo’s place to approximately 3 cell phone number–and then it will certainly autodial the numbers on the SOS list.

$89.95 AT AMAZON


VTech KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Electronics Smart Device with KidiConnect in Pink

The brand recognized for youngsters tech playthings has ultimately developed a (Wi-Fi only) cell phone that lets kids send texts, voice messperiods, photos, and also illustrations to an apconfirmed list of contacts. Being learning-toy makers, the folks at Vtech have actually normally outfitted the phone through 40 educational games, and a kid-safe internet web browser. It’s additionally gained bumpers and a shatter-safe display screen, bereason the finest cell phones for children are designed to withstand also being treated favor, well, playthings.

$110.59 AT AMAZON

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Unihertz Jelly Pro

This phone is super teeny (seriously, it can fit in the coin pocket of your jeans) but don’t underestimate its capabilities. Equipped through a built-in gyroscope that determines its position and orientation, the Jelly Pro likewise has actually plenty of memory to keep music, a pedometer to track steps, and bluetooth support, all of which make it a challenger for best initially mobile phone for 11 year olds and also up.

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Smartwatch Cell Phone Combos


Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Need a little assist keeping the little bit one in line? Verizon’s Gizmowatch is basically a wearable cell phone through limited numbers to speak to (as much as 10 programmable contacts), messaging capabilities, and a step tracker–but that’s not all. With the GizmoHub app, you deserve to literally collection borders, via GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, and obtain immediately alerted if your kiddo crosses one–kind of like having actually an digital babysitter.