A steel cable sustained by two pylons 2,225 meters lengthy suspended at a maximum elevation of 310 meters from the ground whose difference in elevation is 350 meters, the longest in the world!

We administer all the crucial product for a descent in finish safety and security. The tools is UIAA apverified and also certified by TUV, SUD, and also ISO9001.

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After a flight longer even more than 2 km at an average rate of over 110 km / h through a top that viewpoints 160 kilometres / h, the fastest in the world!


“Once you have tasted flight, you will certainly forever walk the earth through your eyes turned skyward, for tbelow you have been, and tright here you will certainly constantly long to return.”





SINGLE FLIGHT € 39.00 – € 70.00 COUPLE FLIGHTFamily through both paying paleas the minor child have the right to a 50% reduction.

The second trip for the same perboy the same day, calendar permitting, € 25.00 single and also € 40.00 per couple. Ask at the ticket office mirroring the ticket for the first flight.

Groups:Groups who book by telephone at least sooner or later in development are entitresulted in the adhering to price card:from 6 to 9 persons: single trip € 32.00 – trip in couple € 55.00from 10 to 29 people: single flight € 30.00 – € 50.00 in coupleGroups of more than 30 world are asked to contact us.

Nominal subscriptions

Single trip subscription:

3 flights € 84.00 (28 euros per flight)5 flights € 125.00 (25 euros per flight)10 flights € 230 (23 euros per flight)

Couple flight ticket:

3 flights 135.00 (45 per flight)5 flights 200 (40 per flight)10 flights 360 (36 per flight)

N.B .: With the nominal seachild tickets Single deserve to fly only the owner of the subscription which have the right to lug through it also a 2nd perboy with a trip in a couple climbing in this situation 2 single flights.

With nominal couples ubscriptions, at leastern one of the 2 names indicated must fly, and even single flights can be made, however a flight will certainly be scaled up.

Video shooting:With video cam rental € 20.00With very own room (GoPro attack) € 5.00The over provides are not cumulative.

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A additionally 10% reduction applies to inhabitants in the Municipality of Rocca Massima.