Windows assist administer a layer of protection between you and debris from the road. Most of the moment, you don’t even think around your vehicle or truck’s home windows. Unfortunately, every so regularly a auto comes off the assembly line via a faulty home window, and that have the right to result in a recall.

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Are tright here any recalls for the Ford F-150 ago windows? 

No, the Ford F-150 has not received any type of recalls for its ago windows, but it does have actually numerous customer complaints, including:

2016 Ford F-150 rear slider home window smashing through remote start 2017 Ford F-150 rear home window bulged and also shattered 2018 Ford F-150 earlier home window shattering while the automobile was parked


In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these owner complaints and also what can be done around them to save you safer if you very own a Ford F-150.

Rear Window Potentially Shattering through Remote Start Use

Remote begin is a convenient attribute that renders it fun to drive your truck. With simply the press of a button, you can begin your engine and let your truck heat up while you load up. The last thing you’d mean when making use of it is for the rear window to break.

However before, that’s one potential trouble noted on the 2016 Ford F-150. Owners have actually reported that the remote begin reasons the rear window to shatter. This happens bereason the defrost engeras automatically via the remote start, also if it’s not needed.

Owners have actually petitioned Ford to concern a Ford F-150 earlier window recall bereason of this trouble, however the manufacturer has not yet done so.

Ford F-150 Rear Window Bulging

Windows should stay in place, however manufacturer errors have the right to put them at threat for warping and bulging. This is what some Ford F-150 owners have reported, particularly with version year 2017.

One owner detailed that his rear window was bulging as soon as his truck was sitting external on a heat day. After opening the truck to investigate, the whole home window shattered.

Rear Window Could Spontaneously Shatter

In the 2018 Ford F-150, some owners have actually reported their truck windows spontaneously shattering without warning. Users report this happening unexpectedly when the automobile is in park.

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Should this happen while driving the truck, the owner is at high risk for a crash or injury. For that reason, many are pushing for a back-window recall of the Ford F-150.