Windows help carry out a class of protection between you and debris from the road. Many of the time, friend don’t also think around your auto or truck’s windows. Unfortunately, every so regularly a vehicle comes off the assembly line v a faulty window, and that can lead to a recall.

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Are there any type of recalls for the Ford F-150 back windows? 

No, the Ford F-150 has actually not received any type of recalls because that its ago windows, however it does have actually several client complaints, including:

2016 Ford F-150 rear slider window shattering with remote start 2017 Ford F-150 rear window bulged and shattered 2018 Ford F-150 back window shattering when the automobile was parked


In this article, we’ll take it a closer watch at this owner complaints and also what can be done about them to save you more secure if you very own a Ford F-150.

Rear home window Potentially shattering with Remote begin Use

Remote begin is a convenient attribute that provides it funny to drive her truck. With just the press of a button, you can start your engine and let her truck warmth up while you pack up. The last thing you’d expect once using it is because that the rear window to break.

However, that’s one potential problem listed on the 2016 Ford F-150. Owners have actually reported the the remote start reasons the rear window to shatter. This happens due to the fact that the defrost engages instantly with the far start, also if it’s no needed.

Owners have actually petitioned Ford to issue a Ford F-150 back window recall because of this problem, however the manufacturer has not however done so.

Ford F-150 Rear window Bulging

Windows have to stay in place, but manufacturer errors have the right to put castle at danger for warping and bulging. This is what part Ford F-150 owners have reported, specifically with model year 2017.

One owner noted that his rear home window was bulging when his truck to be sitting outside on a warm day. After opening the truck to investigate, the entire window shattered.

Rear window Could Spontaneously Shatter

In the 2018 Ford F-150, some owners have reported their truck home windows spontaneously shattering without warning. Customers report this continue suddenly when the automobile is in park.

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Should this occur while control the truck, the owner is in ~ high threat for a crash or injury. For that reason, countless are pushing because that a back-window recall that the Ford F-150.