Got her dancing pair of shoes on however not sure where to start throwing shapes? Here’s whereby to dance on a Fortnite Ranger Tower

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The Fortnite Ranger Tower is located simply south of Lonely Lodge, we reckon friend probably recognize the one. It’s the towering wooden structure that looks prefer it came right out the Camp Santo’s indie game, Firewatch. That’s the Fortnite Ranger Tower you have to dance on to finish this phase of the challenge. We’ve additionally included a map (click to enlarge) and a video clip to do it even simpler for girlfriend to discover out whereby you require to get your dancing pair of shoes on.


Of course, this is a staged an obstacle of 3 parts, therefore you’ve obtained two much more towers on i beg your pardon throw part shapes. For assist with the various other two stages, click the travel guide below:

So that’s the – there’s where to uncover the Fortnite Ranger Tower. Over there are much more weekly obstacles where that came from, that course. Make sure to do your search between a huge Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree location to gain all your brand-new tasks done. And, if girlfriend missed out on the big an obstacle from critical week, here’s a map of every Fortnite fireworks locations. For now, finest of luck through all her Fortnite obstacles – we hope you reap your brand brand-new unlockables.

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Updated: january 3, 2019

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