Hello anyone it is I, SpaceGuy, v a brand brand-new series to fill in the lost time used to make vapor Workshop articles that I"ve grown mundane and also sadly tired of and happened to think about this brand-new short collection that will discuss some forgotten less memorable characters found in the TF universe.

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So starting off v the first ever write-up I introduce to you.....

Francis the talk France



Francis the talk France was carried in through Valve to assist judge the Saxxies however Francis establish it"s too big of a job and also opened up judging to the public.

Appearance and also Backstory

Francis is a sentient mirrored version of France wearing a Beret with substantial knowledge around cinema. He cases to be the inventor of such terms together Mise en scene! Auteur! Avante-garde! Montage! and even cinéma!

Appearance"s Made

-First showed up on the website Old male Murray which to be co-written by TF2"s writer Erik Wolpaw

-First presented on TF Blog on may 20th

-A child is viewed dressed up as Francis in the "Bombinomicon" comic


-A cartoony version of Francis is presented on a infant Scout"s shirt in "A Cold job in Hell."


-Francis is referenced in one of miss Pauling"s reward messages when talking to the Spy.

And the concludes the an initial episode the Forgetful Foes! What did you think around it Feedback is constantly appreciated!

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Jamison Rader

Oh is it"s France right?

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๖ۣۜSpaceGuyOnline author

I have actually no idea what you"re saying

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Jamison Rader

Reply to: ๖ۣۜSpaceGuyOnline

I for gained to check out the location so ops.

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Jamison Rader

Reply to: ๖ۣۜSpaceGuyOnline

My bad

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Blue phoenix

I choose this,keep the going smooth

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Wait, for this reason this is an yes, really character?

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๖ۣۜSpaceGuyOnline writer


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Reply to: ๖ۣۜSpaceGuyOnline


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