Hello to everyone!I began “Responsive Internet Design” certification on beta.fcc.com. After I finish “Basic HTML and HTML5”, I’d attempt to update my email (at the begining I usage to authorize up my githab profile), and also after that all my progress has actually been recollection. Can someone aid me? What do I need to carry out in this situation? Or this is norm for BETA?

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Note that none of your progression on the beta website will certainly be moved to the “real” website as soon as the curriculum is officially updated. So I wouldn’t concern around the lost progress. Also, only the obstacles with an asterisk behind the name (on the map) are required for the certifications. I would recommfinish to save the remedies to those obstacles somewhere in your area.

Hi Ben,I’m a complete newbie on fCC. Will the meta curriculum I’m working in be updated as soon as the beta testing has been completed, or is the beta version going to be readily available separately?Thanks,CAG111


Note that none of your progress on the beta site will be transferred to the “real” website as soon as the curriculum is officially updated. So I wouldn’t problem around the lost development. Also, only the difficulties through an astehazard behind the name (on the map) are compelled for the certifications. I would recommend to conserve the options to those obstacles somewhere locally.

I have actually been redoing the curriculum from 0

obstacles and also projects…

so far im still in the js certification (2nd)

I was really hoping that I can execute more! like also obtain to backend!!!


I was really hoping that I could do more! like also acquire to backend!!!

You can. The purpose of every obstacle before the main tasks is just to teach your just how to perform the main projects, so shedding them isn’t really systematic.The major projects have the right to be conserved individually, and also learning exactly how to setup your environment is quite tough and vital in a genuine world development cycle, so if you have the moment i very recommend conserving your projects in your area or on github, it’s what i’m doing for beta. When the brand-new version comes along i can just copy paste or attach the codepen.

I totally agree, I am only doing challenge myself because I wanted to review kind of like ANKI, I will certainly follow your lead
tommygebru is to think of all the exceptional learning you are doing…

I’ve gone with exercises a couple of times and also it doesn’t hurt to reexecute and/or learn stuff at a deeper level…

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No problems, I code on and off and so redoing the difficulties are a should, I had troubles redoing the old obstacles Record Collection and Profile Lookup, Just the Basics!!


When are te beta challenges going to be pumelted to the official site? And will certainly my profile reset as soon as they do push it or can I simply do the obstacles once the beta goes into the official site?