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Summary the Reviews

We have actually read all expert and user reviews on the Huffy Frozen 2. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

6 factors to buy

The Huffy Frozen 2 is accessible with 12” or 16” wheels for young riders. The bicycle appeals most to kids who gain the film Frozen 2. The cycle is accessorized with images of characters from the movie. Huffy provides riders v training wheel on the Frozen 2 The bike arrives 95% assembled, do assembly a quick procedure for the user. Riders to be pleased to discover that the bike had a bag for youngsters to bring toys or snacks in, ~ above rides. The bike has bright streamers ~ above the finish of every handlebar.

5 factors not come buy

Users to be disappointed that components do not easily fit together as soon as assembling the Frozen 2. The cycle is heavy, as it is constructed out that steel. Users uncovered the bike difficult to pedal smoothly. Damage to the brakes can easily occur top top the Huffy Frozen 2 kids bike, follow to countless users. Number of users stated that the training wheels arrived bent and also did no roll fluently.

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Bottom line

The Huffy Frozen 2 is a great bike for young riders the love the Frozen movies. The cycle is decked out with Frozen character images, sparkly streamers and also a bag. The Huffy Frozen 2 includes training wheels, however they room not the highest possible quality. Countless users define the bicycle as difficult to pedal and also heavy. V 12” and also 16” options, this bicycle suits a wide selection of children.