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F*ck friend Pyramid is a map drinking game where football player nominate each various other to drink based on taking turns flipping cards native the pyramid over




Table to play onBeer


Get everyone in a circle around a table and collection up cards into a flat pyramid shape 5-4-3-2-1. Transaction the rest of the cards to the players until everyone has actually equal quantity of cards in your hand. Nominate someone to begin the video game by flipping the leftmost map in the bottom tier of the pyramid.

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Once everyone has actually their alcohol and also the cards are in pyramid formation, a designated leader will rotate the an initial card over beginning from the bottom corner and start to count under from 5. Throughout these 5 seconds, A player has actually the exact same card together the map which has actually been turned over now has actually the chance to placed the same card under (i.e. King top top king) and also nominate who to drink by speak "fuck girlfriend James/Sarah/John etc.."). This now method at that moment "James/whoever" at this time has 2 fingers to drink, but they perform not drink yet. Once a card has been laid down the countdown will start again, and also this repeats till all 4 of the exact same card is laid. Once the 4th card (i.e. All 4 queens/king"s/2"s etc are laid), the last human to it is in fucked will have to drink four fingers of your drink.

Repeat the aforementioned procedure until you"ve flipped every card in the pyramid.

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If you counting down and no much more cards can be to adjust (i.e. If only two jacks have been laid and no one else has actually a jack; mental the rest of the jacks could be in the pyramid) the last human being to be "fucked" drinks the amount of fingers there are cards. If the countdown end after the pyramid card has actually been turned and nobody lays, everyone drink one finger! This is a great game you can use come stitch increase the birthday boy or girl with numerous nominations or just enjoy getting your mates "fucked!" Enjoy!

Alternate Rules

The bottom row of the pyramid is worth an allocation that one drink to an additional player. The next row increase is precious two, the following row up worth three and so forth. Once a card has actually been flipped, players through the same card number in their hand will be able to play your card and allocate a drink to an additional player. Players don"t need to play their map if they desire to hazard it and take their chances on one more opportunity come play their map in a greater row and thereby allocate an ext drinks

The strategy of holding onto her cards is taken into consideration a risk due to the fact that the player v the many cards will lose (after the last card has actually been flipped and drinks allocated). Now, this is the component that will acquire you "fucked up". It"s additionally open to any kind of punishment that the players agree on in ~ the start of the game, e.g. Complete a full drink / beer bong / whatever. The punishment us play is an additional game chin - "on the bus" or "ride the bus". Therefore the player that finishes the pyramid video game with the most cards needs to ride the bus.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking video game is not expected to lead to you coming to be sick as result of over-consumption the alcohol. Need a sober ride? save $5.00 by riding w/ Lyft! If you delighted in it, please leave feedback in the comment & let us know just how we deserve to make it better!