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So, on the method home inspect engine light comes on. Password reader displays P0193. Deserve to anyone imply what the most logical solution can be. I have actually a 2005 escape XLT with 125,000 mi and also until now have actually not had any problems. With two children in college, needless to say money is one issue. What would be the ideal case and also worse case scenario in addition to what I might expext to pay a dealer for any type of repairs. Have the right to someone please sell advice. FYI, finish tune up to be done at 92,500 mi.
Update, code disappeared for awhile and now has actually returned. Together of now I have just been clearing the code however it mr up currently at the very least 2-3 times a main ! van still seems to run fine at the moment so..... Am i due for a failure soon ! can anyone offer any kind of advise regarding what the problem could be. Wherein is this sensor located on mine 05 Escape/XLT 6ylinder ! Please aid !

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Had the exact same problem! It"s a VERY simple fix. The FRPS is right on the top, at the finish of the fuel rail. It has actually a little vacuum pipe on it and it sticks directly down ~ above the rail. 86 dollar component from part Geek, take away 5 minute to install. Go to partsgeek and also search fuel push sensor because that ford escape 2005 xlt. The FRPS tells the fuel pump exactly how much gas to carry into the engine. If the fails totally the car won"t start. As soon as you see the component and look at under the hood you"ll watch it best away.
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