Samsung Galaxy S4 charging problem is a common issue is Samsung Mobiles. Majority of the Galaxy S4 battery charging issues are boy like installed applications, rather by firmware glitches, some of them hardware-related problems.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 charges really slowly

If you very own a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile, you challenge a slow charging issue often. Periodically it took a whole night to fee 100% battery. If you plug in your Galaxy S4 mobile and also look into after 10-15 minutes, the will present you no alters in the battery.

Nowadays all Samsung Mobiles come through an inbuilt battery so you cannot transforms yourself v a new battery. You have to visit her nearest Samsung Customer treatment to get a new battery. But constantly changes brand-new Battery is no the best solutions because that charging issue.


Turn Off her Galaxy S4 mobile.Press Power vital for 10-15 seconds.

“Samsung Galaxy S4” will show up on your mobile screen.Press and also Hold volume down an essential until the device finishes restartingYou will see Safe mobile on the bottom corner of the mobile screenNow your mobile is in for sure mode.90% of slow-moving charging is caused by an app. So you have to uncover that application in for sure mode and uninstall that application from your mobile.You can hard Reset your Galaxy S4 Mobile. Prior to doing so, you need to have back-up your record and settings.

Galaxy S4 charges slow and heats up

When you plugin your Galaxy S4 for charging and also it gradually charging up, likewise your Galaxy s4 mobile heat up much more then you have the problem with your mobile. At some time Galaxy S4 charging really slowly and it heats up bad to the suggest that it might explode.

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It looks choose that charging mobile and mobile warm up connects, however at some points, they are not. There have the right to be plenty of factors that can heat increase mobile, like app crashing, application taking resources too much, and Micro SD card issue.

App Issue: Mobile slow-moving charging and heat up have the right to be regarded this. So operation your cell phone in Safe mode and shot to discover that application who’s producing this issue. If you desire to know exactly how to operation your Galaxy S4 in safe mode, review the above section wherein we have mentioned about how to solve Galaxy S4 slow charging.

Micro SD map issue: part time micro SD card acquire corrupted or damaged, and phone make the efforts to check out it again and again. This process heats up your mobile a lot. It’s far better to remove the damaged micro SD map from mobile and buy a new one.

Galaxy S4 won’t charge at all

Sometime Galaxy S4 plugging that in to charge, the didn’t fee at all. To solve this charging issue, we have to reset Galaxy S4 cell phone soft so the mobile have the right to start charging again. To execute the soft reset, you have to read the following article of our wherein we need to tell you how to execute hard/soft reset Galaxy S4 mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S4 hard Reset or Soft Reset

Galaxy S4 won’t charge after getting Wet

When Galaxy S4 gain wet, you need to be more careful due to the fact that Galaxy S4 is not waterproof. So you have to act easily to save your cell phone to come to be dead. Below are the measures you need to follow to rescue her mobile after getting wet:

First of take it a dry cloth and wipe Galaxy S4 mobile carefully. Make sure that you don’t leave any drop that water on your mobile. It much better to move off your mobile for some time and also so the mobile have the right to keep dry and also won’t burn while charging.After the clean the charging harbor of mobile using a deserve to of compressed air.Try charging your phone using a different charging cord.

Hard Reset or Wipe Data v Google uncover My Device

It is straightforward to reset her Galaxy S4 mobile with Google discover My Device. You can erase all your mobile data remotely with Google discover My Device. Yet Make sure before deleting her data because you cannot recuperate data after hard reset from Google uncover My Device.

Now, Login with your Google account credentials.It will take you to the “Android device Manager.”There you can see two alternatives Play Sounds and Secure & Erase Device.Now, select the “Secure and Erase Device.”It will certainly take you to the following screen.Now, pick “Erase Device.”It will show you one “Erase Device” button.Click on the button.It will certainly wipe all your data from your mobile.

Wipe Data through Android Multi tools Software

If you deserve to unlock Galaxy S4 v Google uncover my device, climate you can use Android Multi Tools. This tool deserve to reset and also unlock her Galaxy S4 mobile cost-free of cost. To use Android Multi Tools, you re welcome follow the below procedure because that that:

First the all, you must have actually a computer system or laptop. Without these, girlfriend cannot usage this tool.After that, download this tool on the system.Now, operation “Android Multi Tools.”Now, walk to cell phone “Settings > Developer alternative > USB Debugging”.After that, push the Power and Volume down switch on mobile.You will view the boot screen on the mobile.Now, use the USB cable to affix Galaxy S4 with the system.After that, pick the 5th or 8th option and also press enter to reset Galaxy S4 mobile.Now, friend have effectively wipe data from Galaxy S4 mobile.

Unlock Galaxy S4 v Google Account

If you desire to unlock Galaxy S4 with Google account, climate you have to follow the below procedure because that that:

First the all, you must have an active internet link on Galaxy S4 mobile.Now, revolve on Galaxy S4 mobile.After trying her password, you are still not able to unlock the phone.Now, click on the “Forgot Pattern” option.Now, go into your Google account credentials.After that, tap ~ above the authorize In button.Finally, select a brand-new password, and it will unlock Galaxy S4 mobile.

Password recovery Galaxy S4 with protection Questions

If you space unable to accessibility your Galaxy S4 mobile, climate you can recover her password with defense questions. Below is the procedure come password recovery:

First the all, girlfriend must have an active internet link on Galaxy S4 mobile.Now, revolve on Galaxy S4 mobile.After trying her password, you are still no able come unlock the phone.Now, click on the “Forgot Pattern” option.Now, click on “Answer Questions.”It will take you come the following screen.Answer security questions, and also it will unlock your Galaxy S4 mobile.Now, friend can create a new password or pattern because that Galaxy S4.

Reset Galaxy S4 through Code

You can difficult reset Galaxy S4 mobile through codes also. Dial the following codes on mobile to difficult reset:

*#*#7780#*#* – This password wipes all Galaxy S4 data.

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*2767*3855# – This Code likewise reset her Galaxy S4 mobile.

Warning: these codes will eliminate all her data favor Contact, Photo, Songs, Applications, Setting, etc. From her mobile. Think twice prior to using these