I installed gamemaker : studio , the cost-free version. I restarted my pc, and tried to launch it, however it crashed with this error : http://imgur.com/TypIwqt

I tried to run it in admin mode, tho crashes.

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EDIT: SOLVED! many thanks to /u/JujuAdam , you can uncover it HERE: http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows-desktop-client/Skype-crashes-when-I-call-or-sometimes-open-the-program/td-p/4242793


Are friend running home windows 10? If so, it seems Microsoft put out an upgrade that broke Gamemaker's feed system. I had actually to disconnect my computer system from the internet and then start Gamemaker because that it come work.


The solution is here - from the Skype assistance team due to the fact that it supposedly has broken Skype for some civilization as well.

Thanks come /u/Kidfox70 for giving the equipment in this post.

Thanks come /u/JujuAdam and /u/Quby_ because that posting this solution. Worked and saved me a large headache.

Just to add to what /u/theBdrive states above, the GM-breaking upgrade in question have the right to be prevented indigenous re-downloading through 'hiding' it. This is developed in to other OSes - for success 10 MS have released a tool to hide selected updates and prevent your re-downloading. Girlfriend can obtain it here:


Thanks again to anyone involved.

Using the systems /u/JujuAdam post works, but only until Windows 10 decides to do one more update and it redownloads the KB3132372 update. Ns tried that systems this morning but by this evening it had already redownloaded that upgrade again and I had to manually uninstall it to gain GM:S to work.

It's much easier to walk to control Panel > administrative Tools > Services, right click on Windows upgrade and change start up form to disabled. It will prevernt windows from automatically installing updates, just remember to turn it earlier on if you space trying to execute updates in the future.

I'd hope the both Skype and YYG will upgrade their software application to resolve the bugs in the near future.

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