Millennial gamers space crazy around RPG games. One of the favorites amongst players is the can be fried adventure video game i.e. Limitless Frontier. It faces legendary heroes and also is set in an old world the is over a thousand years old.

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Endless Frontier Saga is one RPG game that consists of fantasy heroes and a mysterious world. The is an virtual PvP game that requires amazing strength quests and brings a magical setting to life. This video game is highly popular amongst gamers as they get the chance to fight versus legendary monsters and also enemy groups.

It has much more than 150 heroes to pick your personality from and incorporates numerous engaging features. So, if you want to shot out some other gamings like unlimited Frontier, then you have actually arrived in ~ the appropriate place.

We have gone through hundreds of games and prepared a list of the peak 8 gamings like endless Frontier. What are you wait for? Scroll through to know an ext about these games. 

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Games Like endless Frontier

Games Like limitless Frontier

Dungeon Quest


Dungeon search an MMORPG game that have the right to be played either solo or through several various other players. This role-playing game has been carried out through Shiny Box, LLC and also has a high rating.

In this much-loved RPG game, the player demands to choose the challenge level of the dungeon they wish to enter. Together the video game progresses, the players will be bonus with better equipment and also skills.

Dragon Sky


Dragon skies is an RPG game that revolves around dragon fights. If you space a pan of dragons, then you will autumn in love through Dragon Sky. That was emerged by among the biggest game occurring companies in the market, Com2uS.

The gameplay is very action-packed and interactive. The players need to hatch egg to gain baby dragon that will certainly evolve to kind grown-up dragons. Girlfriend can likewise merge and also combine dragon to land v a far better version that the two. 

Anime Gacha!


Anime Gacha is a Simulator and also RPG video clip game launched in 2017 through Lunime Inc. And Lunime. This video game requires you to dress up her characters. You will get access to a wide variety of clothes and also accessories come customize your characters.

This game can be played in multiplayer mode as well. The stunning graphics makes trying out the amazing world of Anime Gacha every the more fun. The gameplay involves you taking part in battles against raid bosses.

Tales the Thorn


Tales of thorn is an virtual RPG video game that brings the anime people to life. This action-packed game also features some beautiful Asian file doll art format character. Players gain lured into its people of complicated missions, vast loots, and engaging characters.

You can discover Tales of thorn both ~ above Google Playstore and also App store. That also allows its football player to merge their weapons to develop amazing combo weapons. You deserve to immerse in the single-player endure or choose from several multiplayer options.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a continuation of the Fire Emblem video game series. It to be released in 2017 by Nintendo and also was produced jointly by intelligent Systems and also Nintendo. That is based upon an interaction storyline that has lured number of players over the years.

This RPG game requires friend to contribute some type of strategy to have the ability to come out as a winner. You can download the on both iOS and Android platforms. Fire Emblem Heroes has additionally been awarded as the finest Mobile video game on number of occasions.

Lords of Discord


Lords of Discord is a turn-based 3D RPG video game published by HeroCraft Ltd. The gameplay is pretty straightforward and fun. It entails several valiant personalities who require to overcome territories, safeguard their castles, and build one army.

With this army, the players must fight thousands of adversaries via strategies and also special skills. You deserve to play this video game in two modes: ‘arena mode’ and also ‘story mode’.

Hero period – RPG Classic


Hero age – RPG standard is a trembling action-packed video game that puts you in the shoes of a hero to protect your land. This RPG game is a story-based video game where friend will obtain magical an abilities and weapons. These will help you hunt and also defeat different kinds that monsters.

This is a classical role-playing game that calls for you to train her avatar. In addition to that, girlfriend will have to level up and also hunt angry monsters.

Ego Sword: Idle knife Clicker


Ego sword is a unique role-playing video game published through Betdon. This video game is about a sword that has actually an ego. You, together a player, and also the knife owner should participate in battles. Upon beating the monsters and also rivals, the sword will certainly evolve.

The innovative part about this video game is the the ego swords can choose their master themselves. These swords can also influence the personality and also characteristics of your owners. You have to keep fighting if you great to win.

Endless Arena – Idle Strategy Battle


Endless Arena is most likely the closest you can get to limitless Frontier ~ above this list. If friend haven’t guessed already, it’s made by the same video game developers: Ekkorr. Limitless Arena has much an ext of a focus on strategy while unlimited Frontier focuses an ext on roleplaying, however they have actually a very comparable gaming feel. 

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There are many gaming campaigns with three vs. 3 matchmaking for teammates and opponents from the other players digital at the same time. 

Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG Heroes AFK or insanity Tap


Another Idle RPG that will save you addicted as a casual cell phone gamer, just like Endless Frontier walk is Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG Heroes AFK or insanity Tap. Together the surname suggests, you deserve to toggle between an Idle RPG mode when she feeling like sitting back and letting the game do the work-related for you, or take ago control through the ‘control mode’ and actively bring your personalities to victory. 

You get to fight your means through the many intertwined Dungeons, constantly encountering more and more dangerous enemies. 

With Heroes – Idle RPG


Another Idle RPG, with Heroes has some exceptional graphics to do the endure that much much more enjoyable. The game is concentrated on collecting heroes in this world and upgrading them: yet not just any kind of heroes. The heroes girlfriend have accessibility to are legendary heroes, consisting of historical figures like Gengis Khan and Pocahontas and also mythical and fantasy ones together well. Friend should choose your heroes well, since they’re the ones who will be play on behalf of you. 

Kingdom of Heroes Season 2: The broken King


If you’ve played sufficient of Idle RPGs and want to get ago into the battlefield, there room few far better ways to do it than downloading Kingdom of Heroes Season 2. You get to pick from too many of different heroes and also keep unlocking much more of them as you play. The combat chin is turn-based, with each hero having a unique skill collection and action powers. The graphics room anime-inspired and illustrated beautifully so each hero stands out from the rest. 

You’re immersed in a story as soon as you start playing the game, you’re in the Kingdom the Avalon and also have to sabotage the antagonist Ingway’s angry plans. 

Brave nine – Tactical RPG


Brave nine – tactical RPG has turn-based combat and excellent illustration kind video video game graphics that make it exciting. You collect heroes dubbed mercenaries in this game, with much more than 300 to choose from. You gain to compete with players all across the civilization in the fight Arena in real-time turn-based combat. The tactical element is very detailed, you gain to fine-tune your skills with 1400 units available and experienced units that vary in your tier. 

Ode come Heroes


Ode come Heroes is an easy Idle RPG that additionally has quite a lot of gameplay come offer. V attractive arts that seems to it is in unique and not too cartoon-like, there are several collectible heroes that are ranked through stars. You acquire the satisfaction the collecting many rewards even without grinding, so girlfriend feel choose opening up the video game every morning and also checking how plenty of battles your heroes won for you while girlfriend slept through the night. 

Exos Heroes


Exos Heroes RPG has incredible attention to information in regards come both the story and also the character development. You in a unique fantasy people where she on a pursuit to uncover the absent sword of the emperor referred to as ‘Exestruck’. With an ancient dragon alongside, friend ride an airship and explore the fantasy locations and also uncover lost treasure. The battles are also intense, with fast turn-based combat. The story is constantly ongoing, and also the game releases brand-new ‘chapters’ the introduce breakthroughs to the plot events.

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Bottom line

Endless Frontier Saga is a top-rated RPG game that is love by gamers worldwide. It has several characters and also even an ext quests come complete. The over list is a collection of games like unlimited Frontier the will improve your gaming experience. We have actually tried our an extremely best to do this list as exact as possible.