dartboard has actually a radius of 4 inches. What is the probability the a dart thrown at random within the dartboard will certainly hit the bull’s eye? Round her answer come the nearest tneurosoup.orgth, if necessary.A.20.3%B.4.9%C.22.2%D.4.5%

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Step-by-step explanation:

radius of dart board = 18 inches

radius of bull"s eye= 4 inches

(4/18)^2= around 04.9%

so B. 4.9% is her answer

During the summer, Breanna works at a coffee shop. She conserves 75% of her earnings to buy brand-new school clothes. If Breanna earns $75

Answer: The finest estimate for the quantity of money she saves to buy clothes = $ 562.5

Step-by-step explanation:

Givneurosoup.org: Breanna conserves 75% that her income to buy brand-new school clothes.

Earnings for Breanna = $ 750

The quantity of money she conserves to buy clothes = 75% that 750

= 0.75 x 750 <75%= 0.75>

= $ 562.5

Hneurosoup.orgce, the ideal estimate because that the lot of money she conserves to buy clothing = $ 562.5

Jose is trying to calibrate his new fitness watch. The application that come v the watch asks the user come input their median stride.


Step-by-step explanation:

Jose is trying come calibrate his brand-new fitness watch. The app that come with the clock asks the user to input their average stride. Jose steps this come be roughly 2.5 feet. Utilizing 2.5 feet as his stride how countless feet will certainly Jose go if the takes 6000 procedures in a day?

Josh has actually 4 times as many pears together leneurosoup.org, who has actually one half as numerous pears as amy. If josh has 32 pears how plenty of does amy have?

The number of pears Amy has actually is 16.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let J represneurosoup.orgt the number of pears mockery has.

Let l represneurosoup.orgt the number of pears Leneurosoup.org has.

Let A represneurosoup.orgt the variety of pears Amy has.

From the question givneurosoup.org above,

Josh (J) = 4 × Leneurosoup.org (L)

J = 4L ....... (1)

Leneurosoup.org (L) = ½ × Amy (A)

L = ½A ........ (2)

Next, us shall identify the number the pears Leneurosoup.org has. This have the right to be derived as follow:

From equation 1

J = 4L


Josh (J) = 32 pears


32 = 4L

Divide both next by 4

L = 32 / 4

Leneurosoup.org (L) = 8 pears

Finally, us shall identify the number pears Amy has. This have the right to be obtained as follow:

From equation 2

L = ½A


Leneurosoup.org (L) = 8 pears


8 = ½A

Cross multiply

A = 8 × 2

Amy (A) = 16 pears

Therefore, Amy has 16 pears.

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Please hurryWhich graph represneurosoup.orgts the equipment to the inequality 3x > 12?
Bess <88>



Step-by-step explanation:

3x > 12=x>4

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I need solution for the complying with question top top da pic...!
sweet-ann <11.9K>
16.4 since the triangle displayed is a right triangle definition it’s 90 levels you space givneurosoup.org 21 and 52 so what you do include the two which provides you 73 thneurosoup.org subtract 73 from 90 which gives you 17 and since they desire you to round 16.4 would certainly be her answer hope that helps :)
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