We've called out assorted movie and TV tropes that we never want to view again in the past. Yet today we're calling fist to the silly, stupid, brilliant and hilarious scifi tropes that us absolutely, positive love—and expect we never ever live in a civilization without them.

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Gigantic clean Tubes

Gargantuan clean tubes space the future. This is what movies have actually taught us and also now us refuse come live in a fictional future there is no monstrous, clear tubes. Not just do these space saving innovations lend and also air of rely belief, they're also multi-functional. Large clear tubes can be provided for clinical healing, room travel, intergalactic hibernation, cryogenic freezing. Every little thing your scientist, medic or angry prison warden love desires, a pipe can provide that function for you. What better way to travel v time and space than in an elegant, completely translucent tube? We've watched the future, and the future is gigantic clear tubes.

Where You've seen It: freedom Day, Event Horizon, Star Wars, Minority Report, Night the the Creeps, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.


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Pants room barbaric. Liberate her legs from the devilish old civilization tyranny of pants. The future is paved in robes. Anyone wears robes! We've become so accustomed to the wondrous human being of futuristic robe wearing the seeing any sort that future god, or alien political team in pants just looks downright laughable. Just how do you recognize if this human is to it is in respected, well are they attract a robe or jorts? If it's a robe, climate you far better bow.

Where You've viewed It: Prometheus, Logan's Run, in ~ The planet Of The Apes, Tron: Legacy, Star Wars