I’ve included a brand-new feature come the gems of battle Database dubbed “My Collection”. This attribute is to plan to assist players track your progress against traitstone and soul investments for their Hero. As new troops are added to the game, they’ll it is in automatically added to the list also when ns import them right into the troop list pages.

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Signing inTo sign into the site, click the “Sign In” button on the height menu, or follow this link:http://ashtender.com/gems/account/signin

On an initial use, you will do it be redirected to the it is registered page. Friend will need to carry out a username and password, and also an email address that is supplied only because that password reset purposes. After developing your account, you will do it get an e-mail with a connect to click to check the email address.

Once you’ve evidenced your email address, and also you’ve effectively signed into the page, you will watch a brand-new dropdown ~ above the food selection that permits you to access your collection, or to authorize out. A direct connect to the collection is here:http://ashtender.com/gems/collection

The collection should be (sort of) localized too for the other languages (as fine as any type of of my tables are, ns suppose) and a console version is accessible here:http://ashtender.com/gems/console/collection

My Collection

The collection page looks a lot like the other table pages on my site, through a few differences.


The checklist is always visible if the browser home window is big enough, yet for smaller windows or mobile devices, you’ll have to click the “Checlist” button above the table to do it show. Clicking any kind of of the traitstones will collection a filter to the traitstone column, reflecting you specifically which troops still need the traitstone in question.

Export / import via CSV

The web page will conserve its data instantly after the detects transforms to any type of field. To do a neighborhood backup and protect the time you put right into meticulously entering your data, i strongly introduce you sometimes save the result as a CSV and keep the copy in your ar as a backup. To execute so, click the “Tools” switch on the table header, and also then export come CSV. To import it, simply click the “Import” button and browse come the backup file. Ns cannot tension this enough: please save your development on occasion, or I might accidentally delete the all together I’m solving bugs!

In enhancement to a backup, the CSV can be imported right into a spreadsheeting program favor Google Docs or Microsoft Excel to have the ability to quickly bulk-edit entries, i m sorry is a good time-saver for those who space so inclined. If you are interested in this but don’t know exactly how to set it increase (Google Docs room free), let me know and also I have the right to send the end instructions.

Not however Implemented

Features left to be done:

Kingdom progress (power level) is not yet represented anywhere;Integration with the rest of the site (e.g, graying the end troops friend don’t very own or reflecting actual troop levels/ascension rarity in teams).

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Thank You

Thanks come the countless forum users (too countless to perform here) that volunteered their time to assist test the feature! The numerous suggestions and an insect reports to be invaluable in helping hone the attribute to wherein it is.