Welcome to the Ubers sample teams thread. Below you will uncover a collection of successful teams constructed for the existing USM metagame, that are intended to help newer or aspiring players gain acquainted v the Ubers metagame and also the various playstyles that encompass it. Everyone is welcome to send a team, all groups submitted will certainly undergo a testimonial from me and internally in between the viability council come ensure the teams room up to the quality preferred to be a sample team. It is essential to note, groups submitted must be representative that the metagame, structurally sound and straightforward to use.Posting Guidelines An importable of her team is required either indigenous a pasting site such as Pokepaste/Pastebin or utilizing the hide tag.Explanations of just how the teams occupational is compelled with your submission and also what roles the team members serve on the team. It have to highlight the emphasis or will of the team, friend may additionally include any successes with you have had with the team such together tournament games.Personal speed creep need to be removed from any team it is registered otherwise EV spreads will be readjusted on any type of approved team that has speed creep.Do no submit groups with any slashes on item / move etc."Ghost posting" is not allowed i.e submitting a team because that a banned user may bring about the team gift rejected.Please only submit 1 team every post, if you post more than one team per post, they will certainly not it is in reviewed. Friend may another team once yours has been formerly reviewed.Do not write-up teams the have currently been it is registered by various other players under any type of circumstances.It is suggested that girlfriend justify her teams, carry out not write-up teams that look good in the teambuilder, but havent been tested, that is argued to usage replays of evidence of exactly how your team in reality works, such together from tournaments or high level ladder games.

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Some things to note:It is discouraged to argue a rejection of a team in the thread, please talk about teams in a polite manner in terms of why you think a team should be reviewed again under special situations i.e far-ranging improvements to the structure of the teamAll teams posted will certainly be disputed internally together appropriate, all teams submitted will receive ethical feedback on exactly how it can be improved, as easily as possible.Accounts younger 보다 a month old and / or have actually less 보다 10 articles are not permitted to submit sample teams.Members to contact for inquiries or concerns: Cynara (Sarah#2355) | secret M (Mysterious M#0105) | PurpleGatorade (PurpleGatorade#5880)Sample TeamsDual Primal + Extremekiller Arceus Hyper offense | noted by mysterious M & Zesty43





SalamenciteAbility: AerilateEVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 SpeJolly Nature- Dragon Dance- Double-Edge- Defog- RoostKyogre-Primal
Blue OrbAbility: Primordial SeaEVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- calm Mind- beginning Pulse- ice Beam- Water SpoutXerneas
strength HerbAbility: Fairy AuraEVs: 172 Def / 252 SpA / 84 SpeModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Geomancy- Moonblast- emphasis Blast- ThunderArceus
Chople BerryAbility: MultitypeEVs: 240 HP / 252 Atk / 16 SpeAdamant Nature- Swords Dance- excessive Speed- shadow Claw- RecoverGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: Desolate LandEVs: 252 Atk / 100 SpD / 156 SpeAdamant Nature- absent Polish- Swords Dance- Precipice Blades- stone EdgeNecrozma-Dusk-Mane
Ultranecrozium ZAbility: Prism ArmorEVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Stealth Rock- Photon Geyser- warmth Wave- power Gem / Dragon Pulse
A straightforward Hyper Offense develop centered roughly the twin Primal offensive core. Patience Mind Primal Kyogre and double Dance Primal Groudon apply large offensive push on opposing teams making it simple for them to break them down. Primal Kyogre features as the main wallbreaker the the team, breaking under bulkier targets because that the other faster offensive options of the team, whetheras Primal Groudon can duty as a finish game cleaner, but Swords run also allows it to duty as a breaker when compelled with Precipice chisels + stone Edge having neutral coverage. Ultra Necrozma is favored as the Stealth rock user the this team which allowed for freeing up the Primal Groudon set. Ultra Necrozma is a stellar offensive Stealth absent user together it is qualified of beating most common users as result of its coverage and also extremely powerful Z move which is able to punch up protective checks for the various other teammates and allow them to sweep. Dragon Pulse top top Ultra Necrozma can be considered, this permits Ultra Necrozma to deal with Giratina-O, the opposite Ultra Necrozma, OHKO attack Zygarde-C basic forme without wasting the Z-move and also do tho a significant amount of damage to YveltalMega Salamence and Geomancy Xerneas pair with each other as potential candidates together winning problems for the team and also pair really well v Rock polish Primal Groudon. Mega Salamence offers Defog i m sorry is solely for the matchup versus Sticky net offense teams which would certainly otherwise it is in a matchup worry for this build. Mega Salamence normally sets up earlier in the video game to undermine targets because that the various other team options, Geomancy Xerneas features in a similar fashion, yet usually take away a more later game strategy due to its strong ability to be a winning problem for the team.Finally ExtremeKiller Arceus is preferred as the teams main revenge killer and also a backup late game cleaner, as result of its capacity to revenge kill weakened offensive hazards to the team, Chople Berry is favored as Xerneas is just not sufficient for the Marshadow matchup.Threatlist:

Sticky net teams, despite uncommon, usually have the matchup vs this type of team. They"re the reason Mega Salamence operation Defog. That is crucial you discover yourself in a position to Defog difficult Webs far as beforehand as possible to limit their potency of what the more powerful usually slow offensive presences that space usually uncovered on stick Webs teams are capable of doing come the team.
Ditto yes, really deters setup that the team, the best way to attend to Ditto is to not setup with Pokemon that might otherwise easily be revenge killed by it, too much Killer Arceus deserve to take top top ditto reliabely many thanks to Recover and Revenge kill any kind of weakened setup Pokemon ditto manages to copy because of Ditto"s herbal low basic HP.
Dual Primal Bulky violation | listed by obii
Blue OrbAbility: Primordial SeaEVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 SpeModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Water Spout- origin Pulse- ice cream Beam- patience MindGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: Desolate LandEVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 SpeHasty Nature- rock Edge- Eruption- Solar Beam- Precipice BladesArceus-Fairy
Pixie PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 248 HP / 160 Def / 100 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- earth Power- Stealth Rock- RecoverYveltal
Charti BerryAbility: Dark AuraEVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpeJolly NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Foul Play- Toxic- Roost- TauntSalamence-Mega
SalamenciteAbility: IntimidateEVs: 248 HP / 136 Def / 124 SpeImpish Nature- human body Slam- Defog- Roost- RefreshNecrozma-Dusk-Mane
Solganium ZAbility: Prism ArmorEVs: 248 HP / 16 Def / 220 SpD / 24 SpeCareful Nature- Swords Dance- Sunsteel Strike- Earthquake- Morning Sun
This is a bulky violation by Obii the features roughly the menacing max speed dual Primal attack core, one of the strongest offensive pairings in the metagame, this is similar to the Mysterious-M and also Zesty43 Hyper offense, just how it bring away a slightly protective perspective which some players might favour. Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon max usage of their speed and also high strength Water Spout and also Eruption respectively to failure teams considerably.The protective backbone the the team is greatly designed to assist both breakers as lot as possible. Because of the absence of Stealth rock on Primal Groudon, Stealth rock Arceus-Fairy is preferred as a utility collection and is able come reliabely set Stealth rock vs practically every usual playstyle. When checking top metagame hazards such as Zygarde-C, Mega Salamence, Yveltal and also Marshadow, i m sorry is really vital for double Primal cores. Defensive Mega Salamence pairs yes, really well with Arceus-Fairy while offering Defog support and also being maybe to examine threats such as Ho-Oh, Mega Lucario and also Primal Groudon lacking concealed Power Ice. Human body Slam also compliments the twin primal main point as that is capable of dispersing paralysis to quicker threats that would certainly otherwise be out of their range.Finally, Yveltal and Necrozma Dusk Mane complete off the team defensively. Taunt + toxicity Yveltal additionally provides as a dependable stallbreaker being able to pressure stall and balance teams and also a lot needed Lunala check, Charti berry help it resolve the uncommon rock Edge Ultra Necrozma which would certainly otherwise threaten this team and also be more reliable defensively at checking Primal Groudon. Necrozma Dusk Mane rounds off the defensive backbone, being a hard stop to Geomancy Xerneas i m sorry the team yes, really needs, thanks to special defensive investment and also Swords dance + Morning sun it is able come sit in on any kind of support Arceus forme and shut castle down, while still having the potential to duty as a late video game cleaner.Threatlist:

Mega Gengar have the right to really be a difficulty to this team, it is qualified of trapping and also removing Arceus-Fairy, one of the main members the the defensive backbone and also this could be a large problem if it happens early in a game, it needs to be cautious of planet Power indigenous a healthy and balanced Arceus-Fairy however and also this helps border what the is qualified to perform in the later on game. It can easily disrupt and also remove any kind of weakened teammate the this team, due to its unpredictable coverage. Necrozma Dusk Mane deserve to probably stave off All out Attacking Mega Gengar to a decent margin, however, Hex Mega Gengar have the right to overpower the 1v1, Primal Kyogre is quickly able to take one Thunder if it ~ no weakened enough. Yveltal lacks any way of revenging such together Sucker punch or selection Scarf. Ice type coverage together as hidden Power ice cream is qualified of OHKOing Mega Salamence ~ Stealth Rock.
Calm mind Mega Mewtwo-Y Bulky offense | provided by Garay oak
Mewtwonite YAbility: UnnerveEVs: 40 Def / 216 SpA / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- patience Mind- Psystrike- Fire Blast- ice BeamGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: Desolate LandEVs: 252 SpA / 104 SpD / 152 SpeMild Nature- Stealth Rock- Precipice Blades- Overheat- absent TombArceus-Fairy
Pixie PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- earth Power- Toxic- RecoverYveltal
LeftoversAbility: Dark AuraEVs: 252 HP / 72 SpD / 184 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Foul Play- Toxic- Defog- RoostNecrozma-Dusk-Mane
Solganium ZAbility: Prism ArmorEVs: 252 HP / 80 Atk / 152 SpD / 24 SpeAdamant Nature- Swords Dance- Sunsteel Strike- Earthquake- MoonlightMarshadow
Life OrbAbility: TechnicianEVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 SpeJolly Nature- Spectral Thief- nearby Combat- shadow Sneak- Pursuit
A bulky violation team by Garay Oak featured approximately the rising offensive clip of Mega Mewtwo-Y. This team has had actually a an excellent degree that sucess in tournaments and also featured in UPL VII. Patience Mind + 3 strikes Mega Mewtwo-Y is the centrepiece of the team and the offensive choices are draft to assistance it. Patience Mind Mega Mewtwo-Y is great vs offense and also is good as alate video game cleaner, it is a great revenge killer gift able come outspeed targets such as Mega Gengar and also Ultra Necrozma. Calm Mind offers it v the breaking strength it requires and also makes it a good choice to combat patience Mind Arceus".Offensive Stealth absent Primal Groudon is provided to administer Stealth rock support and punish switchins v a powerful Overheat and also take care of Ho-Oh because that the team through Rock Tomb. Mega Mewtwo would help Primal Groudon versus Support Arceus the would commonly struggle versus such together Arceus-Water or Arceus-Ground.Arceus-Fairy and also Yveltal are component of the main defensive backbone the the team. Arceus-Fairy because that defensively check pokemon Mega Mewtwo-Y would naturally struggle versus such together Marshadow and Yveltal which space usually main Mega Mewtwo-Y answers. A support set featuring toxicity is preferred to further help out the Ho-Oh matchup while putting support Arceus formes ~ above a timer. Yveltal is a lot needed examine to Lunala and helps out v the Primal Groudon and Swords dance Arceus matchup, while offering hazard manage for the team.Finally, Necrozma Dusk Mane v Moonlight provides second breaker and a sturdy Xerneas examine that the team needs due to the existence of attack Stealth absent Primal Groudon as the second switch in. One could consider a offensive Trick Room end Moonlight on Necrozma Dusk Mane if they great to take a more offensive approach. Marshadow rounds turn off the team gift a great revengekiller and also pairing well through Arceus-Fairy to deal with its inherent issues versus Mega Gengar and also being able to pursuit trap it, while gift able to revenge kill usual offensive threats.Threatlist:

On paper the Rock polishing Primal Groudon look at scary, but it is much more than adequate, every Pokemon top top the team is comfortably capable of chunking Primal Groudon for at least half, do it basic to trade for or revenge kill. Arceus-Fairy actually beat the 1v1 after Stealth Rock, thanks to planet Power.
Ho-Oh calls for offensive push to do it non threaten to the team. Toxicity Arceus-Fairy is mostly used to attend to defensive variants, its essential to keep dangers up vs Ho-Oh teams and also apply offensive pressure to make it unfeasible to Defog risks away there is no risking too much in return, offensive alternatives this team provides will stave turn off the threat many offensive Ho-Ohs threaten on paper.
U-turn Mega Scizor Bulky violation | provided by The Dovahneer
ScizoriteAbility: TechnicianEVs: 248 HP / 76 Atk / 184 SpDSassy NatureIVs: 0 Spe- Curse- U-turn- bullet Punch- RoostGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: DroughtEVs: 252 SpA / 104 SpD / 152 SpeMild Nature- Swords Dance- Precipice Blades- Overheat- absent TombKyogre-Primal
Blue OrbAbility: DrizzleEVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpeModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- calm Mind- beginning Pulse- Thunder- ice BeamGiratina-Origin
Griseous OrbAbility: LevitateEVs: 252 HP / 204 SpA / 52 SpDModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Hex- Draco Meteor- Thunder Wave- DefogArceus-Fairy
Pixie PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Stealth Rock- Judgment- earth Power- RecoverYveltal
selection ScarfAbility: Dark AuraEVs: 252 HP / 124 Def / 132 SpeTimid Nature- Foul Play- Oblivion Wing- U-turn- Toxic
A double Primal core team by The Dovahneer that functions the exciting U-turn inert core, special Mega Scizor. Mega Scizor is the main quirk of the team, this enables it to easily generate momentum via slow-moving U-turns. This allows for the team alternatives such together Primal Kyogre to obtain safe move ins and also turn the table that the battle. Both Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon take advantage of this an extremely well.Primal Kyogre gift the key wallbreaker along with Mega Scizor way it can easily get in safely native a U-turn and also make the enemy question just how to stop Primal Kyogre from getting too many cost-free turns. A Curse Mega Scizor set is chosen, this permits it to deal with a myriad of physics attackers such together Arceus-Normal, Necrozma Dusk Mane etc. Though one can opt for Swords dance for an ext cleaning strength in the late video game if they for this reason wish. Blended Swords run Primal Groudon is a formidable breaker in USM and pairs considerably with Primal Kyogre come help break down the fatter balances and stall teams.Arceus-Fairy and Giratina-O develop the general defensive backbone the the team. Arceus-Fairy opting for a Stealth Rock set which is a constant Stealth rock user in the existing USM meta and also checking essential offensive risks to the team such together Yveltal, Marshadow and Calm mind Arceus-Dark. Giratina-O fits nicely through Arceus-Fairy giving defog support and also being a great general blanket check to a myriad of threats such together Primal Groudon, Necrozma Dusk Mane, etc. It also opts because that Thunder tide which slow down quicker threats, rises Hex and it boosts the amount of targets the dual primal main point are faster than. Selection Scarf Yveltal is opted because that in the last slot, that complements the U-turn main point of Mega Scizor, provides a an excellent revenge killer the ghost species such together Mega Gengar and being much faster than Mega Mewtwo-Y and Ultra Necrozma which this team naturally struggles versus otherwise.Threatlist:
Though contempt uncommon, surprise Power Fire Geomancy Xerneas deserve to pose a concern for this team, if it happens to be in ~ full, because HP Fire lacks focus Blast, Primal Groudon is the best course of activity to undermine Xerneas first and have Mega Scizor revenge kill. Arceus-Fairy and also Giratina-O can also deter Xerneas v Judgement and also Thunder wave respectively, Xerneas cannot setup on Primal Kyogre in any kind of circumstances.
This team is equipped through offensive choices to attend to Ho-Oh. So that is essential to not give free turns come Ho-Oh and pressure Stealth rock up against Ho-Oh teams. Primal Kyogre and also Primal Groudon have the stopping power to deal with it, however they can not switch in. Yveltal additionally has Foul Play go a substantial amount to any type of Ho-Oh.
Though this looks monster on file as a threat, patience Mind Arceus-Dark in the late video game can be dangerous with a weakened Primal Kyogre, since Arceus-Fairy Judgement doesnt do sufficient to a raised Arceus-Dark. Its crucial to overpower it with Primal Kyogre and Arceus-Fairy. Mega Scizor can also take on unboosted Arceus-Dark, take care during gamings to keep pokemon approximately that can overpower that in the so late game and also prevent that from setup up a potential late video game sweep.
Dragon dance Mega Salamence + Ferrothorn Spikes Bulky violation | detailed by bigtalk
SalamenciteAbility: IntimidateEVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 SpeJolly Nature- Dragon Dance- Double-Edge- Facade- RoostGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: DroughtEVs: 144 HP / 156 Atk / 56 SpD / 152 SpeAdamant Nature- Stealth Rock- Swords Dance- Precipice Blades- stone EdgeArceus-Water
Splash PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 116 Def / 44 SpD / 96 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- ice Beam- Recover- ToxicFerrothorn
LeftoversAbility: stole BarbsEVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDSassy NatureIVs: 0 Spe- Toxic- Spikes- Leech Seed- Gyro BallXerneas
choice ScarfAbility: Fairy AuraEVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpeModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Moonblast- Aromatherapy- Defog- Thunder WaveMarshadow
Life OrbAbility: TechnicianEVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 SpeJolly Nature- Spectral Thief- near Combat- zero Sneak- Pursuit
This is a peril stacking Bulky violation by BigTalk, i m sorry incorporates the idea that using peril stacking to press the opponent into urgent to attack threats. Swords run Primal Groudon and Mega Salamence space featured as the main breakers. Ferrothorn assists in your potency come break with Spikes to pressure opposing groups with risks while checking Kyogre, and pivoting misc special attackers.Life Orb Marshadow also really takes advantage of spikes and provides the team v a much compelled revenge killer and also answer to offensive teams this framework would likely struggle against, taking care of Mega Mewtwo-Y and also Mega Gengar for the team, while additionally being a great cleaner in the finish game. Arceus-Water complements the defensive backbone the the team, checking hazards such as blended Primal Groudon, Mega Salamence, Zygarde-C and also Ho-Oh. Scarf Xerneas gives the team with an additional revenge killer versus Pokemon such together Opposing Salamence, Ultra Necrozma and also Marshadow, and also a way of managing Yveltal.Threatlist:

Geomancy Xerneas is confirm adequately but must be handle with carefully on this kind of team, generally, Xerneas no be in a position to just win in the late game if play properly. Xerneas i do not know setup on any member that the team and also has dangers pressure to put it in revenge killing range. The is necessary to obtain hazards up vs Xerneas teams and keep Primal Groudon about to resolve it, which have to not be too lot of a hard task. Geomancy Xerneas desires to be healthy to pull turn off a sweep and with perils stacked, Primal Groudon, shadow Sneak indigenous Marshadow and also attacking Xerneas with every little thing is in at the time, should quickly dispatch the it. The more common Scarf Xerneas is not a risk however.
Bulky variants of Yveltal end up being troublesome the longer the game drags ~ above for. No necessarily a substantial threat at large, but Xerneas is virtually obligied to address Yveltal at any kind of given opportunities, so its essential to keep Xerneas about to address Yveltal, once Xerneas is worn down as well much, the team is walk to have actually a difficult time handling Stallbreaker Yveltal (taunt + toxic) and also will most likely need to count on Mega Salamence to attend to it or Marshadow depending on the game state.
Mega Mewtwo-Y have the right to be annoying for this team, like most bulky offenses or hyper offenses, this team depends on Revenge killers to resolve it, in this case, Life Orb Marshadow. Not plenty of members deserve to switch in Mega Mewtwos coverage, it also changes just how wary you need to be of play Ferrothorn together Mega Mewtwo-Y usually carries Fire Blast and Ferrothorn is the most most likely candidate to provide it cost-free turns, the most reccomended method is come hit Mega Mewtwo-Y with an assault if it happens to it is in in top top Arceus-Water, Primal Groudon. Xerneas can likewise revenge death it due to choice Scarf if lowered enough. Your ideal bet however, is to weaken it slightly and either revenge kill or search trap v Life Orb Marshadow.
Mega Mewtwo Y + Arceus-Dark Bulky violation | it is registered by bigtalk
Mewtwonite YAbility: PressureEVs: 40 Def / 216 SpA / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- patience Mind- Psystrike- ice cream Beam- Fire BlastMagearna
Normalium ZAbility: Soul-HeartEVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDCalm NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Volt Switch- Fleur Cannon- love Swap- cure BellArceus-Dark
Dread PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- ice Beam- Recover- ToxicToxapex
Rocky HelmetAbility: RegeneratorEVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDBold NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Toxic- toxic Spikes- Haze- RecoverGiratina-Origin
Griseous OrbAbility: LevitateEVs: 252 HP / 204 SpA / 52 SpDModest NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Defog- Hex- Dragon Pulse- Will-O-WispGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: Desolate LandEVs: 252 HP / 52 SpA / 204 SpDQuiet Nature- Stealth Rock- Precipice Blades- Overheat- stone Edge
This is a bulky offense team featuring calm Mind Mega Mewtwo Y together the main wincon / revenge killer. Magearna to be the first partner favored as the can counter many of Mewtwo Y"s checks and also revenge killers, including Arceus-Dark, Yveltal, and choice Scarf Xerneas. It likewise provides valuable cleric assistance for teammates. Offered that Mega Mewtwo Y can also struggle versus Lunala and also Ultra Necrozma, in the latter case due to having to guess between Ice Beam and Fire Blast, a solid answer to them was also needed; Arceus-Dark provides this, and is not organized by a Stealth rock weakness prefer Yveltal. The team was very weak to Marshadow at this point, for this reason Toxapex to be chosen next in order to address it. Giratina gives the team with a floor immunity, Defogger, and also reliable check to Primal Groudon. Finally, Primal Groudon to adjust Stealth Rock and also is to run a bulky spread in bespeak to far better check Primal Kyogre.Toxapex supplies some distinct benefits over various other Marshadow checks choose Ho-Oh and also Zygarde-C. It isn"t weak to coverage moves such as Rock dig or hidden Power Ice, is immune to toxicity which lets it pivot right into Ho-Oh, Arceus-Water, and defensive Dusk Mane with loved one ease, and also provides toxicity Spikes assistance which is hugely valuable for teammates. For Mega Mewtwo Y, it will have an less complicated time breaking past bulky Pokemon choose support Arceus formes and also Primal Groudon, and also it will pressure its revenge killers / checks favor Marshadow and also Lunala to gain poisoned. Because that Magearna, Ground-types have the right to no much longer come in ~ above it come block Volt Switch. It boosts the power of Hex from Giratina. Finally, Groudon is maybe to put a lot an ext pressure on assistance Arceus formes, specifically ones that lack a Fire resistance favor Arceus-Ground.Threatlist:
Calm psychic Arceus-Ground is extremely threatening come this team. Your ideal bet is to use Toxic ~ above it through Toxapex or Arceus-Dark then shot to play about it. Toxapex will typically live one judgment if it is at full health, Mewtwo can likewise revenge kill it v Psystrike and beat that 1v1 in a patience Mind war. Be mindful that this Pokemon can set up top top Giratina. Running Shuca Berry on Toxapex is an choice to boost the matchup versus this Pokemon.
Pursuit trappers favor Tyranitar and also Alolan Muk have the right to safely move into and remove MM2Y, which will certainly make it lot harder to rest fatter teams.
If you space not running melted Shell on Toxapex, that is fully liable come trapping by shadow Tag users, so it is in wary the them. Mega Gengar can also be a hindrance because of its ability to absorb toxicity Spikes. On the bright side, however, Mega Mewtwo Y may have a good matchup versus teams that depend on Mega Gengar to resolve Ultra Necrozma, together they will periodically employ weaker check to Psychic-types.Bulk up Marshadow has actually a possibility to knock the end Toxapex with its +1 Z-Move after Stealth rock damage. If Magearna and Groudon have actually been weakened, climate it can go to city on the rest of the team. You may need to outplay the foe by wasting the Z-Move on one more Pokemon. Setup Toxic Spikes beforehand can additionally be advantageous in stimulate to border it.
Setup Necrozma-DM v Weakness Policy can be a large threat because of the team"s lack of priority; that can set up on Magearna, Mega Mewtwo Y, Toxapex or also a weakened Arceus-Dark and put in a the majority of work. This Pokemon is one of the factors why Giratina has Will-O-Wisp and also is another reason to think about running Shuca Berry on Toxapex, which will let you acquire off one emergency Haze.
Stall teams can be a pain to rest through. Giratina to win both the our danger setters because of Pressure, return Toxapex can force it come use rest after a while. Mega Sableye + Giratina yet will totally invalidate both our risk setters. Stall teams additionally frequently pack the search trappers discussed above
DD Zygarde Bulky offense | noted by the Ubers Council
GengariteAbility: shadow TagEVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- zero Ball- Sludge Wave- covert Power - ThunderGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: Desolate LandEVs: 144 HP / 156 Atk / 56 SpD / 152 SpeAdamant Nature- Stealth Rock- Precipice Blades- rock Tomb- Swords DanceArceus-Water
Splash PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 168 Def / 88 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- ice Beam- Recover- ToxicYveltal
choice ScarfAbility: Dark AuraEVs: 248 HP / 36 SpA / 224 SpeTimid Nature- Foul Play- Oblivion Wing- U-turn- DefogZygarde-Complete
Dragonium ZAbility: strength ConstructEVs: 228 Atk / 48 SpD / 232 SpeAdamant Nature- Dragon Dance- Outrage- thousand Arrows- GlareNecrozma-Dusk-Mane
weakness PolicyAbility: Prism ArmorEVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpDBrave Nature- Swords Dance- Sunsteel Strike- Earthquake- trick Room
A bulky offense v a very successful tournaments reflecting which revolves around Dragon run Z-Outrage Zygarde-C. The teamamtes permit Zygarde-C to be threatening versus the adversaries team or allow it to act as a win condition. Mega Gengar is able to trap and eliminate common Zygarde-C checks such as support Arceus formes like Arceus-Water and Arceus-Fairy, Primal Kyogre. Most importantly, Mega Gengar is may be to function as the teams greatest revenge-killer and able come revenge kill dangers that would certainly otherwise be menacing come the team such together Ultra Necrozma.Swords run Primal Groudon adds a breaker to the team to enable it have great wallbreaking power against bulkier targets Zygarde-C would otherwise struggle to break, while offering Stealth Rock energy for the team. Necrozma Dusk Mane also functions as a winning condition and also makes a solid pairing v Zygarde-C while additionally being necessary to the team for inputting synergy, handling threatening Fairy-types such as Geomancy Xerneas. Both have an excellent synergy together winning conditions as they attend to each others checks, Necrozma Dusk Mane is much more of a late game sweeper, however, there may be scenarios whereby it will have to break in the earlier stages the a game and Zygarde-C will certainly clean instead.Arceus-Water is the center of the teams protective backbone and likewise being may be to function as a pivot, especially against Primal Kyogre, help to address Offensive Primal Groudon and also other pushing offensive hazards such together Dragon dance Mega Salamence, that is essential to when to allow Arceus go due to the kind of protective resilience it provides to the team. An option Scarf Yveltal is additionally chosen as a lot needed provider that Defog support and a check to Ghost-types such together Marshadow and also a answer to Mega Mewtwo-Y which would otherwise be exceptionally threatening to this team. Yveltal also can assist generate momentum thanks to U-turn and this pairs yes, really well with Mega Gengar and enables it to entice in Fairy-types for Mega Gengar to one of two people take benefit of and force to switch out or trap and remove if its currently Mega.Threatlist:

While the is uncommon, patience Mind Arceus-Dark has great potential to setup and also sweep this team, the best way to resolve it is to overload it v a solid offensive option such as Dragonium-Z with Zygarde, or overpower it with Swords dance Primal Groudon despite it climate becomes essential to store these Pokemon healthy. Despite this have the right to be challenging to do, a readjust in Mega Gengar collection could also be considered of removing covert Power Ice
to focus Blast, Could aid waver the very pressing threat Calm psychic Arceus-Dark is, yet even with this change, it can still it is in troublesome.
Mega Mewtwo-Y in general is a difficulty to Zygarde teams, it has actually the ideal coverage to be annoying, the is crucial to not provide it also much totally free turns or pressure a trade through Mega Mewtwo-Y. Maintaining Yveltal healthy also becomes essential as the is the just team member that is quicker than it and also is the key reason choice Scarf Yveltal is chosen for these teams. Primal Groudon and also Necrozma Dusk Mane can pressure trades if necessary.
Similar come Mega Mewtwo-Y, Life Orb Yveltal is annoying, the best means to resolve it is to force trades, Arceus-Water deserve to Recover stall the out in addition to Toxic as it is faster than Yveltal, Primal Groudon can also Rock dig to carry out a far-ranging amount of damage and be much faster next turn, while Zygarde-C can simply take it a hit and overpower it v the Z relocate at +1, if you find yourself in this position.
Mega Mewtwo Y + Ho-Oh Balance | submitted by PurpleGatorade
Mewtwonite YAbility: InsomniaEVs: 40 Def / 216 SpA / 252 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- patience Mind- Psystrike- ice Beam- emphasis BlastHo-Oh
selection ScarfAbility: RegeneratorEVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 SpeJolly Nature- spiritual Fire- Brave Bird- Toxic- DefogGroudon-Primal
Red OrbAbility: DroughtEVs: 252 HP / 56 Def / 200 SpDRelaxed Nature- Stealth Rock- Precipice Blades- Overheat- RoarArceus-Dark
Dread PlateAbility: MultitypeEVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpeTimid NatureIVs: 0 Atk- Judgment- ice Beam- Recover- DefogFerrothorn
LeftoversAbility: steel BarbsEVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDSassy NatureIVs: 0 Spe- Spikes- Leech Seed- Toxic- Gyro BallZygarde-Complete
LeftoversAbility: power ConstructEVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDImpish Nature- Haze- thousand Arrows- Toxic- Rest
This is a balance team through PurpleGatorade that revolves around setting up Spikes + stealth Rock and cleaning through Mega Mewtwo-Y in the lategame. Mega Mewtwo-Y"s damages output against other balance and also Bulky Offense groups is compounded by hazards, i m sorry Ferrothorn and Primal Groudon provide. Both likewise check Primal Kyogre and Xerneas adequately, with support Primal Groudon running Roar in this situation to fend off Geomancy Xerneas.Scarf Ho-Oh is fantastic revenge killer and balance breaker, and it also provides a lot needed inspect to blended Rock polish Primal Groudon. Arceus dark is the major defogger the the team and additionally functions together a check to Lunala, Yveltal, Mega Salamence, and also Zygarde-C. Finally, protective Zygarde-c is the team"s main technique of defeating primal groudon and also other physical attackers. With the combination of fog + Toxic, it"s easy enough to whittle any offensive threat down to the range of Mega Mewtwo-Y or Ho-Oh.Threatlist:

Marshadow, such as Life Orb variants are problematic because that this team and also require some cautious play. Ohkoing Arceus Dark with Close Combat and revenge killing Mega Mewtwo-Y with Shadow Sneak. However, Zygarde-C beats all non-Hidden power Ice sets. Ho-oh is maybe to conveniently revenge death it or also switch in if over there is no Stealth absent up on her side that the field.
Stallbreaker Yveltal deserve to annoy numerous team members, but as lengthy as Stealth absent is off the field, Ho-oh can switch in, toxic it, and stall it the end by constantly convert or KO it with sacred Fire or Brave Bird., Arceus-Dark can also resolve it come an extent, pressure it to roost v Ice Beam and its potency have the right to be restricted by setup Stealth Rock.

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