Franco was functioning on Oscar’s treehouse. Ned proved up. Franco stated he didn’t have actually time come finish due to the fact that he was having actually his procedure done. Ned gained a speak to from Lois. He wanted to recognize what to be going on with Brook Lynn.

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Brook Lynn accused Monica the sabotaging Thanksgiving dinner. Monica claimed she did it so Drew could experience a Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Olivia blamed Monica for what happened, however Brook Lynn stated she walk it. Brook Lynn stated she to let go it. They finished up arguing. When Olivia left, Monica thanked Brook Lynn, yet wondered what that would cost her. Brook Lynn said she didn’t expect anything. Monica didn’t believe her.

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Jason go to view Ned. Jason gave him the perform of name on Sam’s special amnesty board. Ned stated they were all good guys. He stated they should deal with Sam. Ned walked inside and also overheard Brook Lynn telling someone to protect against bothering her. Once Ned request her around it, Olivia said them around Lucas. As soon as Brook Lynn left, Ned told Olivia the Brook Lynn was exhilaration strange.

Peter inquiry Liz around Franco’s procedure. Peter claimed he felt come blame. She said him the she was trying come prepare herself because that it no working. She claimed she would need to let Franco go.

Jason said Sonny the he had to perform something therefore he could aid Sam. Griffin met through Carly. She claimed her mom didn’t to trust anyone but him through Lucas. Sonny met up through them. Griffin told lock what he has actually been increase to.

Griffin confirm Lucas’ labs. Griffin said they to be at a wait and also see stage. He said there was nothing the he would have changed about Lucas’ care.

Robert warned Anna around Peter. She called Robert no to push her. He claimed she was also smart no to view what’s walk on. Finn and also Violet proved up. Finn speak to Anna about Robert. Anna witnessed Peter. He was on the phone. Peter told someone to death Andre, attracted or both. He want to protect against the procedure.

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