Studio: van Howes Studios, Conway record Studios, man Of The Hour studio, power Plant Studio, world Studios

Get Your heat On!
1. Girlfriend Suck at Love
2. Can’t store My Hands off You (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
3. Jet Lag (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
4. Astronaut
5. Loser of The Year
6. Everywhere Else yet Here
7. Freaking Me the end (feat. Alex Gaskarth)
8. Summer paradise (feat. K’Naan)
9. Gone too Soon
10. Critical One Standing
11. This Song saved My Life
BONUS tracks ON assorted RELEASES:
+ never Should’ve Let girlfriend Go
+ Jet Lag (feat. Marie-Mai) – French version
+ Summer paradise (feat. Sean Paul)
+ Summer sky (feat. Sean Paul) – French version
+ Summer sky (feat. Taka)

Physical releases:



The works on simple Plan’s fourth album started in July 2009 when Pierre and also Chuck got back together because that the first writing sessions. The two knew that after such experiments with sounds on your self-titled record, i beg your pardon didn’t prove to it is in as successful as they hoped, they essential to go back to their roots and create one album that would certainly be more in the vein the their first and second record, but with a modern-day radio-friendly twist.

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After having worked together for years, that was vital for Pierre’s and Chuck’s collaboration to present something fresh into their work. The band chose to rental additional song-writers, who would sit down with Pierre and also Chuck and also write songs together. This allowed Chuck and also Pierre to have a third person in the room, who could step in the song-writing process, when the 2 would no agree on the direction whereby a song have to be heading. Throughout the entirety song-writing process, which lasted till July 2010, Chuck and Pierre co-wrote v a large number of song-writers, such as Desmond Child, Brian Howes, Rivers Cuomo, Julian Emery, Ryan Petersen, Nolan Sipe, Claude Kelly, Jim Irwin, David Hodges, Emmanuel Kiriakou, Michael Warren, Matt Squire or Toby Gad.

Besides allowing more song-writers come be involved in the song-writing process, Pierre and Chuck also wanted to adjust the means they wrote songs. Rather of focusing means too much on writing just hit songs, which has actually previously put a many pressure ~ above the song-writing duo, they decided to write as plenty of songs together they could and also later choose the best of them because that the final record. This method turned the end to work-related out perfectly because that the 2 song-writers, who regulated to create over 70 songs in a year – the many they have ever before written for a single album.

After having worked with Brian Howes together a song-writer, Pierre and also Chuck found his layout of occupational very comparable to theirs, and also having liked various other albums he’s previously created (e.g. Hedley, Boys favor Girls…), lock knew he to be the right man to strategy when it involved finding the producer of their 4th record.

The band gone into the studio in July 2010 – firstly as a pre-production in the world Studios in Montreal, whereby they videotaped the first drum and guitars monitor and later on moved to Vancouver, come Brian Howes’ own studios – the Van Howes Studios, whereby they recorded many of the record.

During the recording procedure in the summer of 2010, the band also did part touring, namely the Bamboozle Roadshow in the U.S., whereby they made decision to perform one of their new songs – You Suck in ~ Love – live for the first time. The Bamboozle Roadshow was likewise where the members of simple Plan befriended the band All Time Low. After reflecting the band’s lead singer, Alex Gaskarth the tune ‘Freaking Me Out’, Alex declared his love because that this song and also immediately wanted to sing on the song as well. This is just how one the the an initial collaborations top top the document came up.

Besides Alex Gaskarth, acquire Your love On! also featured three more guest appearances. Rivers Cuomo indigenous Weezer, who shows up on the track ‘Can’t save My Hands turn off You’, which he also co-wrote, was a dream come true to the members of straightforward Plan, together he was a long-time music hero the theirs. One more collaborator ~ above the record turned out to be the Canadian-Somali rapper K’Naan, ~ above who’s rendition the the song ‘Waving Flag’ Pierre collaborated on earlier that year. K’Naan was favored to loan his vocals come the initial version the ‘Summer Paradise’ before Sean Paul‘s version was created.

And for the an initial time ever, simple Plan additionally decided to combine the French language right into their music. The tape realized that over the years, castle have already managed to develop themselves as a band the performs their songs in English, which expected that they might now lastly experiment through their indigenous language. The very first song that gained a French therapy was Jet Lag, i beg your pardon was tape-recorded in both English and French – with two woman singers – Natasha Bedingfield and also Marie-Mai. One more song i m sorry later gained the ‘French treatment’ was Summer Paradise.

Besides known singers, an easy Plan additionally used the help of your fans ~ above this album. After lock turned to them top top Twitter once writing the lyrics of what turned the end to be the tune ‘This Song conserved My Life’, they invited approximately 30 fans to your studio come record team vocals come this song as well.

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Around the moment of the recording sessions for obtain Your love On!, a variety of demo versions, i m sorry were produced during the ahead songwriting sessions, leaked online, revealing songs favor ‘Famous for Nothing’, ‘Try’ and also ‘Just approximately The Corner’. None of these songs ultimately made the onto the yes, really record, yet ‘Try’ and also ‘Just roughly The Corner’ were later released top top the follow-up EP ‘Get your Heart On: The 2nd Coming!’ (2013), i beg your pardon featured 7 songs, all developed in the GYHO songwriting process.

‘Can’t store My Hands turn off You’ was favored to be released together a buzz single or single zero, together the very an initial full song, which the fans can listen to from this album. That was also released to promote the Disney movie ‘Prom’, in which it to be featured. The first official solitary from the record was Jet Lag, which to be released in both English and also French versions in ~ the exact same time. To encourage the release of the single, the band set up a one-of-a-kind interactive ar on your website referred to as ‘Jet Lag Airlines’, i beg your pardon revealed a special content each day . After Jet Lag, the tape released ‘Astronaut’ as the second single, and ‘Summer Paradise’ together the 3rd and final official single of the record (which has since become one of simple Plan’s most well-known songs of your career). As well as these songs, a music video was additionally created for ‘This Song conserved My Life’, which concerned full circe with one more involvement of straightforward Plan’s fans.