Typically, the question a lot of womales ask us is this: When is the ideal time for a tummy tuck? And to this, we commonly answer through “After you’re done having children.” However before, this doesn’t intend that you cannot become pregnant and also have actually children after a tummy tuck. It simply indicates that it isn’t the ideal sequence of points.

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To much better understand this, let us look at what a tummy tuck does to your body.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Do?

A tummy tuck – the clinical term is abdominoplasty – is among the the majority of reliable cosmetic surgeries you can gain. It is a surgical procedure that clears excess skin and also fat from your abdomales to help it end up being level. If essential, your abdominal muscles are additionally repaired. Tummy tucks are specifically well-known among womales that have actually gone through childbirth and also would certainly like to reobtain their pre-pregnancy body.

Tright here are various other means to obtain your body earlier to its pre-pregnancy shape, prefer dieting. exercise, or liposuction. But neither of these will attain a completely level stomach as conveniently as a tummy tuck. And with today’s advanced surgery and also anesthesia approaches, a tummy tuck has actually end up being a reasonably straightforward outpatient procedure. Your plastic surgeon typically performs it under IV Sedation which have the right to be readjusted to your individual preference, the sautomobile have the right to be well-concealed simply below your bikini line, and the recoincredibly is measured in days, not weeks.

Why Should I acquire a Tummy Tuck?

As we currently discussed, acquiring earlier your pre-pregnancy body is one factor to consider a tummy tuck. Not only deserve to pregnancy leave a woman through added pockets of fat and also flabby skin, it can also tear your abdominal muscles. The outcome of these torn muscles have the right to be a slight bulge of your tummy that is impossible to get rid of through dieting alone.

Anvarious other factor for having actually a tummy tuck may be that you’ve recently lost a lot of weight and also currently have extra folds of skin that has actually nowbelow to go. The skin likewise loses its elasticity the older we gain, so that a tummy tuck might make feeling in middle age, regardless of whether you’ve had children. Whenever before you feel that despite leading a healthy lifestyle through consistent dieting and also exercise your tummy refprovides to go absolutely level, you might think about a tummy tuck.

NuBody Concepts patient before and after tummy tuck. Click here for our tummy tuck gallery.

The Effect of Pregnancy on your Tummy

To gain earlier to the original question, the answer is yes. Yes, you can have actually children after having had actually a tummy tuck. There is nopoint done to your body in the time of tummy tuck surgery that in any means prohibits or imhazards a future pregnancy. Your baby will certainly grow simply as well in your post-tummy tuck body as it would certainly otherwise.

However, if you know that you are going to have actually more kids, we recommend that you wait with tummy tuck surgical procedure. That’s bereason a pregnancy could perform to your body precisely what carried you in for your tummy tuck in the initially area. As your baby grows, the skin of your abdomales is extended to accommoday the flourishing belly. But in addition it have the right to likewise spcheck out your abdominal muscles – yes, your six-pack! – acomponent. This problem is dubbed diastasic recti. Your six-pack is linked through tconcern that stretches as the uterus expands, and your pregnancy hormones can add to softening it further. A tiny amount of widening between the 2 halves is normal throughout pregnancy, yet if the gap becomes also big, you can be left with a paunch after you’ve given birth.

You Might Need Several Tummy Tucks

About a third of pregnancies lead to diastasis recti. Whether you will certainly be affected by it or not can depend on genetics, and also how your previous pregnancies have gone, or whether you’re expecting twins or have negative abdominal muscles to start via. But there is really no good means to predict what a future pregnancy will certainly carry out to your body. So why invest in a tummy tuck as well beforehand, as soon as you might need to have actually an additional one after the following son is born?

That is why we recommfinish that you wait with a tummy tuck till you’re reasonably sure that you’ve had actually your last boy. However, tbelow can be cases wbelow you simply don’t recognize. Let’s say you had your initially son or youngsters sensibly young and have because separated from your spouse and are freshly single. In that case you could not recognize if you’ll want more youngsters later, however you also don’t desire to rule it out. In such a situation, having actually a tummy tuck to make you feel good about your body as you start dating aget is totally reasonable. And also if you carry out finish up having more kids, your tummy tuck can not be influenced at all. Just recognize that if it is, you might need to have it redone after your second round of kids. No plastic surgeon can “baby-proof” your tummy tuck to guarantee you won’t need one in the future.

Go For the Mommy Makeover

Tbelow is a factor it’s called a Mommy Makeover. After we’ve had our youngsters and also gone via breastfeeding with the last, all we really desire is having our bodies to ourselves again. This is the moment as soon as many women take into consideration not only a tummy tuck however also breastern surgical treatment. In an included twist of irony, what we’ve got in volume roughly our abdoguys is frequently missing from our breasts, as if our body mass has sindicate sagged downwards. It’s not unreasonable at all to want it all ago in its original place.

A Mommy Makeover is the ideal cosmetic procedure to execute just that. Your surgeon will perform a tummy tuck, perhaps promoted a small little bit of liposuction, to give you that level stomach you might remember from your high institution days. And he or she will additionally augment your breasts by either placing implants, perdeveloping a breastern lift, or making use of fat got from liposuction approximately your midarea to rise the volume of your breasts. Some patients also favor to obtain a vaginal rejuvenation treatment to strengthen the vaginal wall, which also weakens throughout childbirth.

Tright here are many methods to customize a Mommy Makeover. Usually, breastern surgical treatment is a tiny simpler to recoup from than a tummy tuck, so including on a breast augmentation if you’re already having an abdominoplasty makes perfect sense.

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We hope we’ve assisted you learn more about the topic of having children after a tummy tuck surgical treatment. If you have actually any kind of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or schedule a personal consultation via a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Nashville or Memphis area.