My ghost stories lore book says i only have actually 22/23 lore pages, but I have every one of them unlocked and also even have Chronicler. Is this hapening to everyone else or just some people?


Also, due to the fact that I've stumbled upon the only other 4 human being on the world who offer a shit around the lore books, I'd prefer to voice my opinion that we should gain an emblem tracker because that the lot of lore pages we've acquired. Complete lore built up is a useless empty stat ideal now, and also my lore collection provides me yes, really existential around how I usage my life's limited free time.

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Nope, me too. I have the Chronicler location (and usage it on mine Warlock) but on the Lore page it states 22/23. Interesting way the third page is there yet the little folded edge is black, not white. This was the ghost in the Machinest mission. ~ above a comparable note, does anybody know why few of the lore publications (on the left fifty percent of the screen) have actually a tiny yellow triangle in the corner and also others don't? It seems to be on completed publication for more recent Lore.

I feel like that yellow triangle is simply to mark books completed in the existing year. What ns would like to know is what happens once a player completes an larger lore book. Will certainly it get significant by a yellow triangle? This is one of the profound mysteries the the Destiny cosmos I have actually not yet resolved.

Oh give thanks to God because that, cause nobody top top or heavy steam discussions is talking around this. Mine is glitched as well and also I'm a lore collector, due to the fact that I'm insane ns guess?

I wonder if the ghost is re-scannable. The only means to inspect would be to operation the Machinist mission through a character the hasn't however finished the Forsaken campaign. Both of my alts space barely used so ns could examine it the end for science, however it would be a numerous hour grind and frankly I'm hope Bungie will simply solve the concern first.

I understand this is a angry old write-up but it's the only thing the comes increase on Google so I'll include my 2c: i ran the mission through someone who'd never done that before, and also the ghost shell simply plain isn't there anymore. Ns couldn't see it, and neither might they in spite of having never ever picked increase the ghost shell before.

It watch like as soon as Bungie make the readjust that allowed the whole Ghost Stories book to be visible to everyone, they actually eliminated all the dead ghosts from the game.

I really carry out hope they solve this bug because the was type of the last thing that we could have done to settle it ourselves. As others have actually said, I currently have Chronicler so plainly I choose up this one before, just no other way to get it to present as completed appropriate now.

I realise this thread is 3 months old now, but FWIW I have actually the very same bug. I even distinctly remember getting the ghost, as soon as i pulled increase a video to discover out i beg your pardon one i was allegedly lacking (despite having actually Chronicler) - I stated to myself "it's on optimal of that column on the left alongside the stage".

same it claims i miss out on 22 and 23.

22 have the right to no loger be obtainable since crow entrance

23 is not on the tiny rock beneath the cobble.

and i recognize i grab castle for certain as i am a lore collector.

Sign me up. I likewise have Chronicler and also was surprised previously this week once I i found it Ghost story at 22/23. Ns assume i won't have the ability to collect the 'lost' one if I join a player for a Machinist replay, as others have reported.

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