An aluminum structure endurance bike through modest components and rim brakes, priced at the low finish of the Defy design range. Compare the complete range

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Similar bikes are much easier to ride up hills 보다 the Defy 5.

The Defy 5 is geared around the exact same as similar bikes for riding downhill.

January 2013

Cycling WeeklyGiant Defy 4: an initial Ride

Giant’s roadway stalwart no seem to have actually anything as well outlandish around its design - and also that’s just the means we favor it

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December 2014

BikeRadarGiant Defy 0 review

Some the the 2015 tweaks make tiny difference, yet knocking under the price the a bike this great is just going to make us favor it also more

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November 2014

road.ccGiant Defy progressed SL roadway bike

Stunning performance, fabulously comfortable and responsive ride v superb bowl brakes

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August 2012

Road bicycle ActionRBA Test: giant Defy 3

An endurance bike that performs for the budget conscious

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Additional evaluate of the large Defy 5

5'1" – 5'6"


5'4" – 5'9"


5'7" – 5'12"


5'10" – 6'3"


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6'0" – 6'5"