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Brought to you through the world’s leading aluminum structure engineers, Defy redefines the performance possibilities of one aluminum road bike. Born in Giant’s own in-house aluminum forging facility and engineered v FluidForm ALUXX SL aluminum tubes, Defy blends comfort and also control. Structure technologies include the OverDrive steerer tube for stiffness and sharp steering, the D-Fuse seatpost because that vibration damping, and a PowerCore overlapping bottom bracket area for stiff, effective power transfer.


ALUXX-grade butted aluminum frameAluminum fork through alloy OverDrive steererGiant S-R2 rims, giant Tracker sports hubs, stainless spokesShimano Claris 2x8-speed shiftingTektro in salt brakes

Frame:Sizes: XS, S, M, M/L, L, XLColors: Black/White/Yellow, Black/Silver/RedFrame: ALUXX-grade aluminumFork: Aluminum, Alloy OverDrive steererShock: N/AComponents:Handlebar: Giant Connect, 31.8mmStem: large SportSeatpost: huge Sport, 30.9mmSaddle: large Performance RoadPedals: Caged w/ toe clip and also strapDrivetrain:Shifters: Shimano ClarisFront Derailleur: Shimano ClarisRear Derailleur: Shimano ClarisBrakes: Tektro R312Brake Levers: Shimano ClarisCassette: SRAM PG850 11x32, 8-speedChain: KMC Z7Crankset: FSA Tempo, 34/50Bottom Bracket: SealedWheels:Rims: Giant S-R2Hubs: Giant Tracker sports Road, 26hSpokes: Stainless Steel, 14gTires: Giant S-R4, Front and also rear specific, 700x25


as the an initial manufacturer to carry the tapered headtube to market—with the 2006 Glory hill bike—Giant knows a point or two about inventing options for enhanced steering precision. The original OverDrive modern technology resulted in groundbreaking stiffness-to-weight ratios, and also the newer OverDrive 2 system on high-performance road and also mountain bikes offers also further advantages.

OverDrive 2: Giant’s most advanced fork steerer-tube technology. Oversized headset bearings (1 1/4-inch top and 1 1/2-inch bottom bearings) and a tapered steerer tube integrate for unmatched steering performance with no additional weight.BENEFIT: compared to the currently stiff OverDrive system, OverDrive 2 gives up to 30 percent more torsional steering stiffness. This translates into industry-leading steering precision. Whether you’re sprinting because that the finish or cornering hard in the most demanding conditions, you can ride with much more power and confidence.



1 1/4-inch top bearing1 ½-inch bottom bearing1 1/4 –inch stemTapered steerer-tubeCustom OverDrive 2 development wedge

COMPACT structure DESIGN:In the so late 1990s huge pioneered a radical new frame form to provide its professional road racers a competitive edge. Moved by a desire to create lighter and faster bikes, Giant"s Compact roadway Design changed the look—and the power capabilities—of competitive road bikes forever.Now, 17 years later, Compact Road style is still the standard in high-performance bikes. The concept is simple: A toptube that slopes bottom from the headtube to the seattube reduces the dimension of the front and rear triangles. Smaller triangles develop a lighter, stiffer bike.Whatever the framework material, aluminum or composite, Compact Road style improves the ride. Here"s how:LIGHTER: Compact Road’s many distinctive feature, the downward-sloping toptube, outcomes in smaller front and rear triangle on the frame. Because the triangles room smaller, much less material is needed. Much less material amounts to less weight.STIFFER: picture two triangle made from same diameter tubing. The smaller, an ext compact triangle uses shorter tubes. The bigger triangle requires longer tubes. It’s simple to check out which is an ext structurally sound—the smaller triangle is stiffer, less susceptible come flexing and also twisting. And also on a performance roadway frame, stiffer is faster.SMOOTHER: With classic geometry, builders increase stiffness by utilizing stiffer material. That might assist you acceleration faster yet it additionally makes because that a much less comfortable ride. V Compact Road, Giant engineers are able to architecture frames with simply the best amount of vertical compliance. You obtain a smoother, more comfortable ride.BETTER FIT: since of the sloping toptube and also lower standover height, it’s easier for riders of every sizes to gain the perfect fit. With greater adjustability and also up to 6 sizes per series, even Giant’s most demanding pro athletes, women and also men of all various heights, constantly have a perfect fit with stock-size frames.

ALUXX: Lightweight framesets featuring optimized strength-to-weight ratios.

Materials: 6061 alloy for optimized strength-toweight ratios.Forming methods: Single butting results in light weight without sacrificing strength, Predominantly functions PressForming.

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Welding techniques: Predominantly functions Standard and also some Smooth welding approaches for optimized strength and weight.