It"s best that I have to care about you, And try to make you happy when you"re blue. It"s right, it"s right to feel the means I do. Because, because, ns love you.
It"s wrong to say i don"t think the you, "cause once you say these things You know it renders me blue. provide me one kiss and I"ll be happy, Just, simply to be through you. Give me, provide me a chance to be near you. Because, because, ns love you. offer me one kiss and I"ll it is in happy, Just, just to be v you.

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give me, provide me a opportunity to be near you. Because, because, i love you. Because, because, ns love you...




One of pops most beautiful songs.. Optimal ten because that sure.. Could NEVER tires of listening to this song and sorry the songwriter got no credit and too bad Mike Smith had actually such a disastrous ending.


I tape-recorded this tune on mine reel come reel ice cream recorder indigenous the radios 50 something years ago, i swear i wore it out. Currently I still can never hear that too lot so i think I will certainly listen again now and also close my eye remembering when I was young.

Thank you for this enhanced, you make DC5 involves life. Loved your works, ns wonder if friend can intensified Herman Hermits song

Always loved this song. Ns was just 10 year old when it came out, heard that on the radio of mine cousin"s 1966 convertible Mustang, when she take it me for a ride appropriate after she obtained it. 60s and 70s music was the best. There was so numerous different styles, Folk, Rock, Bubblegum, Soul, psychedelic, disco, funk, even real country. We were lucky.

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the style of THE RUTLES that space unsurpassed, in between us, i love you, with a girl like you, I should Be In Love, Number One

I reap the music the DC 5 mine husband has a drums and also has been playing the song of your music and he loves the songs that your band has actually been play for a lengthy time and he beat the north life Dave Clark and I carry out cry when I lissin to him playing the drums and also he loves Dave Clark and some work he would like to meet Dave Clark in human being he needs to been his idol because that a long term and he to know the music the the Dave Clark 5

Anyone rather listening on severe headphones? This mix is unbelievable. It"s tough to think that a much better sounding record.