ns loved God Eater Burst when it came out year ago. Sadly, I shed the UMD, but still have my savefiles.

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Recently, God Eater 2: fury Burst come out, packed through God Eater 1 remastered together God Eater Resurrection.

Is it feasible to import my savefiles to one of these two games?

I m greatly interested come get earlier my save file from God Eater 1 (Burst => Resurrection) as I invested a lot the time ~ above it, and would probably not invest that time again. However would have liked to have the ability to quickly replay the story come be up to speed before playing God Eater 2.

tl;dr: can I play mine God Eater burst (PSP) savefile on the PS4 remake? Or deserve to I income it in God Eater 2 to obtain a bonus in ~ start?

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As to transferring between God Eater 1 and God Eater 2: rage Burst, no, you cannot perform this, together they space two different games.

See here:

GE:R and GE2 are totally standalone (you"re no the same character) therefore there"s no save transfer in ~ all.

As for transferring a savefile from your PSP to your PS4, I do not think this is possible. There is a transfer/import feature in God Eater Resurrection, but from here, it looks like this is for other savefiles from the very same game, which allow you to bring over your character and also equipment but restart the story.

It"s for importing your current GER save right into a brand-new game so you can redo her character and also story while keeping all your progress

Note: In instance you check out this page on data importation, it looks favor this is because that the Japanese variation only.

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