I have actually bought Google Cardboard because that my Nexus 4, however its side magnet to go within the apps is no working. Ns don"t recognize what"s wrong. Have the right to anyone assist me?



I to buy a cardboard, working through Nexus 4. It had actually the same trouble as described, but I regulated to deal with it. View the photo attached, I extend the moving variety far much more 50 mm, and also it works(clicking now!)


In my experience it"s very finicky. Try entering a cardboard app and using the center dividing line on the display as a overview to positioning. If that still doesn"t work, ns usually relocate the phone left in very little increments till I can obtain it come work.

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It may additionally depend on the manufacturer the the Cardboard set. The magnet is using the phones magnetic sensors to create a command. If the magnet they listed isn"t solid enough or is positioned incorrectly, it won"t work.



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