Google Street watch was born 10 years back in the bay Area. While the firm has used its nine-eyed cars come map just about every customs of the world, san Francisco seems to hold a special place in Street View’s cold, cloud-based heart. Though the key goal that the mapping company has constantly been to boost an app user’s ability to gain around, the rovers have actually accidentally captured a lot of crazier photos along the way.

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7. Totally free This Bear

This bear shows up to have because escaped, as old Street View photos for 2 Clarence Place appear to be wiped and the 2016 variation no longer shows Smokey lurking in this home window display. But we have the right to thank Business Insider for this, er, quirky screen grab indigenous 2014.

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6. Middle Fingers Up

Just because they re-publishing their residence with Google doesn’t mean San Franciscans love the agency — or that is Street see cars. Far from it. This Hawaiian shirt-wearing passerby sums up tensions in the city through this extremely photogenic move. The center fingers up minute happened on the as necessary moodily-named Hemlock Street.

5. Garbage round Hall of Fame

For eight year this Street View picture from Jones Street has actually kept viewers top top the leaf of your seats. Go the guy throwing his rubbish away make his shot? Or is that an airball? the shot looks favor money native here, yet maps are well-known to be deceiving. If girlfriend have any information around the whereabouts the this can or the standing of the shot, nothing hesitate to call

4. Guinness human being Record because that Most-Stickered SUV

This is one of two people a bold statement or a sad, paint-ruining prank. The sticker-covered car, was captured earlier in 2007, according to the blog Google Street watch Sightings, do it one of the an initial images accumulated by the car mapping program. Us hope the stickered eyesore has had actually as an excellent a decade as Google.

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3. Heartwarming Homes

It may have a new coat the paint and a well-trimmed tree obstructing that is facade, but 2640 Steiner Street will forever it is in Mrs. Doubtfire’s home.

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And this isn’t the just San Francisco architecture gem to show up in quintessential 1990s media. The Full House home is throughout town at 1709 Broderick Street.

In a heat of houses collectively known together “the painted ladies,” the equally tree-covered home was newly purchased by Full House creator Jeff Franklin.

2. Map melt Moments

Over the years, Google has had actually a few glitches. This melting car — and whole melting town in brand-new York state — are supposedly both led to by faulty cameras. Yet no one would certainly be surprised to find out they’re actually bona fide portals to hell.

1. UFO Over san Francisco

This UFO — or, friend know, another glitch with a Street see camera — looks prefer a at sight solid guitar case. The aliens might not have actually come in peace, however they clearly came to rock.