A review of the Google Maps for Blackberry and also a list of some various other valuable BB apps.

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Kudos to Olivier for out geeking me to the latest version of Google Maps for the Blackberry. I downloaded it this weekfinish and it is pretty darn cool. I"ve loaded a variety of various other complimentary BB apps. If you have a Crackberry I"d imply playing through these guys. Add to the list if you recognize of other nice, free apps.

Cool aspect #1: Google Maps knows wbelow you are. Apparently, it provides some create of geo-place through cell towers and also falls ago on GENERAL PRACTITIONERS as an additional technique. Who knew?

Cool element #1.5: Tright here is a blinking blue dot which refreshes eexceptionally 5-10 seconds or so and also it"s pretty specific. I switched to satellite imagery, zoomed in to check out the roof, and also watched myself relocate from one finish of the home to another.


Cool variable #2: You can search Google Local outcomes without entering in a City, ST or zip. It knows wright here you are, so you form gas, food, or web style and also it will certainly uncover points in the location. I typed in "gas" and it uncovered a station down the street I regularly foracquire exists.


Coolness #3: In enhancement to finding businesses you can view any kind of details Google has around the firm. For instance, it mirrors phone numbers which you can simply click to make a contact (nice integration). I looked for "internet design" and also unfortunately the results didn"t give neurosoup.org as much love as the COMPUTER based outcomes. However before, I think the outcomes will differ once I"m actually in Greenville and also not 15 miles north-eastern of the office. After a couple of tries I narrowed the search to find our office.


Uncool / Creepiness #1: When I mapped our office it actually put us on the intersection of I385 and Hwy 276. Now, the previous OC World HQ was located within a couple of hundred feet of this spot. However before, the search results showed the correct 300 East Stone resolve. So, either it"s just messed up or Google someexactly how knows around the old office. I later did some other lookup and also it did control to map the office appropriately.

Cool #4: When you search it adds press pins where the results are situated. You deserve to mouse over them and also select a area. Then you deserve to gain step-by-step directions or more details.


Coolness #5: It"s totally free, it"s straightforward to install and you deserve to include favorites. Though I"m not certain why you require favorites. It appears if you like somepoint that much you most likely already recognize wbelow it is an exactly how to gain tright here. I guess it"s good for showing off.


O"Reilly has actually even more on Google"s My Location and they check out into the future of exactly how this technology is most likely to be part of the upcoming Android mobile phone platdevelop.

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They also point out the application is easily accessible on "BlackBerry gadgets, some current Motorola devices, some recent Sony Ericsboy devices, many Windows Mobile tools, and also Nokia Series 60 third Edition devices"

If I can geek anyone to anything on a Friday night in a crowded bar filled via a) excellent looking womales and also b) an infinite supply of alcohol, I have the right to truly attain anypoint.