The most common complaint among Android developer was the lack of promo codes for Google Play. Apple/iOS had that because that years, wherein devs might share promo codes to offer discounts/apps because that free, however Google dragged your feet over and over. Well, to my surprised I admit, Google began rolling out Promotions (beginning January 15, 2016), a new way for devs to create promo codes and also share those with followers. NOTE: The Google pat redeem codes below are totally free promo codes the unlock paid/IAP apps or games, these room NOT gift cards!

Below are Google pat Promo Codes for receiving cost-free IAP because that APPS & GAMES, these room not Google beat Redeem Codes because that Gift Cards. If friend are in search of that though, you can visit this exterior site: Google beat Redeem password (Gift Cards)


Using Promo Codesto promote apps & games

Promo codes are advantageous as a promotion tool because that devs, and also for users, well, who doesn’t prefer to get something free? below are simply a few ideas on how devs can use promo codes to improve their app visibility:

Editor rewards. First of all, you have the right to have a cite on your website that any kind of editor (i.e. For an application review site) have the right to receive cost-free promo codes the either unlock particular IAPs or also make the app totally free (if it’s normally paid). This is an motivation for lock to perform a review, together until currently the only way was for them to acquisition the app and devs to market a refund.

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3rd party giveaways. Second, devs can now contact popular Android sites and also offer castle the possibility to to organize giveaways/contests whereby the prize is… friend guessed, promo codes for their own app/game. When this absolutely helps bigger football player in the market, those currently have publicity and will be reluctant in organizing giveaways, thus leaving much more room for the mid-little fellows. For this reason don’t it is in shy, no issue how big the application review site is you have the right to send lock a inquiry to asking if they will do be willing to host a giveaway – be certain to be generous, relying on the dimension of the site, and also offer indigenous a dozen to numerous promo codes.Social contests & giveaways. Organize giveaways via your social accounts. Simply fire-up a tweet saying the the very first XX re-tweets will acquire a complimentary promo code. Or theorem one on facebook by the same ethics (re-share to participate, or include a comment). The idea below is to spread the news about your app/game via her users’ channels and get much more exposure. Nothing be fear of offering out too numerous promo codes, when users start interacting with her app/game if they uncover it useful/entertaining lock will gain hooked – a solid community is a great launch track for her future projects. No one states you need to limit you yourself to your very own social accounts, there are dozens (if no hundreds) of Google+ communities, facebook groups, etc. Wherein you can throw in part promo codes. Remember, anyone likes complimentary stuff.Contact application review sites. You deserve to email 3rd party app review sites and offer lock promo password to theorem giveaways/contests ~ above their own sites or via your social channels. Make sure you cite in the topic of the email “Promo code included” to lure editors into opening the email. Also if you’re just contacting them because that an app review request, this would be recommended.

Redeeming Promo Codes

So just how easy the is for an user to redeem a promo code? Well, if girlfriend go v the “classic” measures users should an initial go to their Google play accounts, click on the Redeem button, get in the password in the field and then click on Redeem.


The promo code redeem window.

Once they perform that, if the promo code is precious another window will pop-up with the app/game that’s being redeemed with an install button.


Redeemed video game is all set to install.

That’s 4 procedures to redeem the code and honestly the a little too much. But there’s a much better way to redeem codes. You can post a attach that when users click will show straight the app/game that needs to be set up with the promo code applied. Every you need to do is write-up that attach you re-publishing in this format:

This method you make it dead easy for customers to download an app/game. Just a click on a link and also voila, promo password is applied.

Promo code Limitations

First of all, as a developer you need to write your app/game to assistance promo codes. There are some technical do-s, however basically you have to implement in-app promotions in your app andcall a “getpurchases()” role everytime it starts or resumes. However you have the right to have funny reading around it straight via the source: In-app Promotions


Here’s how you can produce a Google pat Promotion

There are some constraints for the number/applicability the the promo codes:

500 per quarter. As a dev you have the right to only re-superstructure 500 promo codes every quarter, which way 1500 in full per year. If you don’t use all of them in a quarter, castle don’t include up because that the next so you’ll lose accessibility to them. That’s quite sufficient if you ask me and be certain to usage them every up, share those everywhere. Break THE INTERNET!Expirations. You produce a promo that contains a certain variety of promo codes. Once you developed that promotion, girlfriend cannot adjust the variety of promo password in it. Promo password in the promotion can be redeemable for up to 1 year, yet you can collection any particular expiration date for the promo codes.No subscriptions. The promo codes cannot be supplied for in-app subscriptions, just for consistent in-app purchase or unlocking a paid application completely.

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Another quick tutorial on exactly how to take care of the promotions and also what constraints you have is pointed out here: develop Google Promotions

This brand-new feature is going to it is in updated for sure, however for currently if you are a developer feel cost-free to share your promo codes in the comments below or the list above. Friend can additionally share promo password if you’re a basic user that uncovered them somewhere.

UPDATE: have actually you always wanted to build Android apps yet never had actually the chance to start with Android development? It’s never ever too late, right here is a list of the most well-known 30 Android advancement books for beginners: