I have actually a google application script which submits information to an arranged sheet and also would prefer to develop a pivot table through the all details in the sheet. I have the right to do this, however whenever i submit a brand-new row the data come the sheet, it is not automatically included in the pivot table. I have to manually readjust the range of the pivot table every time i submit a new row the data. Is over there any method I have the right to make the sheet/pivot table immediately include the brand-new row the data?


I worked about this problem by just specifying the shaft range.

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For example, if you have row data in columns A come F, set the variety of the pivot table to SHEET!A:F

If you include rows now, the brand-new data in those columns will be included to the pivot table.


There is a way. I did precisely that 3 years earlier on Sheets.

If you are submitting the brand-new rows utilizing Google Forms, then there is no way.

If you shot to programmatically update the range, over there is no means either because named ranges have to be turned off then re-added, resulting in #REF on the pivot.

Now for the an excellent part: If girlfriend are including the brand-new row v a script, carry out not append it to the end. Instead, save a fake heat at the finish (with zero worths so pivot is no affected) and also insert the brand-new row just prior to it. Your variety (named or not) will update.

Even for the Google creates case, you could get the to job-related by pre-adding all empty rows to the response sheet and make the named selection include the blank ones too.

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Zig MandelZig Mandel
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I encountered the same problem with the Google Sheet connected to a form. How I resolved it:

Edit the Pivot table range to include the empty heat after the critical row in your sheet.

If your pivot table data selection is "Sheet Name"!A1:S100, readjust it to "Sheet Name"!A1:S101.

Add a filter to your pivot table because that a obelisk (present in the data range) the will never ever be empty and collection the condition for this column - "Is no empty"

If you have actually a column "Timestamp" (and you"re certain it will never ever be empty), then include this pillar to the filter, pick "filter through condition" and collection the condition to "Is not empty".

These measures will filter out the last (empty) row. As soon as you will add a new row to her data, the pivot table will upgrade automatically and also you won"t have to update the data range again.

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Arihant JainArihant Jain
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In my situation what was interfering to be the fields in the Pivot"s Filters ar (highlighted in red below).

Make certain you check without any type of filters... See if the works. Then include your filter one through one and also play with the pivot. Probably the filter(s) isare affecting the pivot to no update.


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Leniel MaccaferriLeniel Maccaferri
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