The miniscule-camera manufacturer is “slimming down” that product line through the brand-new GoPro HERO4 Session. Roughly the size and also weight the an ice cream cube (although that’s around where the similarities end), the HERO4 session is remarkable tiny, yet still may be to administer high-quality video clip up come 1440p resolution at 30 fps (4:3) and also 1080p at 60 fps (16:9). To downsize the camera, integrated external controls have actually been streamlined to incorporate only a record Start/Stop button. Other thorough controls because that exposure and access to other modes like Protune, time-lapse, burst-photo, and also loop-video have actually been relegated come the cost-free GoPro app for smart tools or the separately accessible Smart Remote. What the smaller size brings, v its simplicity, is enhanced durability. Also without a waterproof housing, the human body is submersible come 33" underwater, for this reason it deserve to survive in most water-sport situations right out of the box.

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Included with the HERO4 Session typical come curved and flat adhesive mounts for versatile mounting on sporting equipment, such as helmets and also skateboards. Return this is the default configuration, through no method is the use of the HERO4 Session minimal to the had mounts. With the had standard and low-profile frames, quick-release accessories have the right to be provided to mount the HERO4 conference on just around anything; virtually like any kind of other GoPro. The frames space also accessible as different accessories.

Along with the HERO4 Session, GoPro is additionally announcing some new accessories.


Great for snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding and also other water activities, the Floaty is a bright orange flotation maker for the HERO4 Session, which surrounding the camera and makes it buoyant. That is cushiony padding likewise protects your camera indigenous bumps and knocks.

Should her HERO4 conference camera’s prior glass lens cover become scratched, GoPro now offers a instead of kit through all the components and tools crucial to repair the lens front properly.


The Strap enables any GoPro camera to be secured to your hand, wrist, arm, or leg to catch footage from distinct angles.

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The Casey accessory case encloses and protects any GoPro model, along with any mounts and accessories you may have, in one case. It’s weather resistant and likewise features a removable pouch for quick accessibility to batteries, storage cards, thumb screws, and more.