About the song: Got my Vans on however They Look favor Sneakers Lyrics is written and sung by The Pack. The title of the song is Vans.

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Got my Vans on however They Look favor Sneakers Lyrics

(Young L)Got mine vans on, however they look like sneakersGot my vans on, however they look like sneakersGot my vans on, but they look favor sneakersU Wearin’ coke whites cuz my vans watch clean andGot mine vans on, yet they look prefer sneakersGot my vans on, but they look favor sneakersGot mine vans on, but they look choose sneakersU Wearin’ coke white skin - man cuz my vans look cleanGot mine vans on, finna the end walk out the doorPut five on the grapes for this reason u understand i’m gon’ blowGot the brand-new pack shoe, bought it appropriate out the doorHolla in ~ the dope girls, dope guys all GO…Man, if u yes, really tight, then u gotta obtain vansSee me in the club, bch i’ma grown guy If u check out me in ~ a party, climate it must be crack price 36 dollars, every black, yes like my n_____s might slap and we get clothing mayne fk coke whites, cuz my vans fukkin goldGot new top-siders finna fly choose kitesGo come sleep in the day, go to parties at nightMan, i’m from B-town and also all mine n_____s obtain like…Man, us be sportin vans and we litter away NikesIf u wanna obtain right, stop buyin those NikesGet some new fukkin vans and u’ll gambling u look at icey…(hey)I undertake checkered vans the same shade as eye (hey)When Uno spit crack, the same shade as coke (yes)Got mine vans on, however they look prefer sneakersU wearin coke whites, but my vans are cleanThey slip in and out actual easy, like bluntsU have the right to get different colors, choose rainbowsSince 1966, Vans had set a trendI got a blue pair, yea, in a dimension 10Get ur grown man on, as soon as u undertake top-sidersButton ups and sweaters, equal attireEither 1, 2 stepYea, gain ur boogie onGo slide real quick, choose you got skates onThey some punk absent shoes, so they gain real dirtySole kinda thick, favor a huge booty chickA big booty chick?… yea, thas what ns said36 dollars and also ur cashin the end for part vans (hey)(Yea, Young L, lets go)Yea, i’m raw n_____, wit my gained damn vans onSlip ’em off, on slide ’em on, cuff in my pants,So lock don’t acquire torn in the backIt’s a punk rock shoe, with the logo in the backGot the red ones laced up in a size 10Got the all black vans on witta skull headI GO…Catch me in my vans goin dumbAt a duty or a party, we gon’ obtain this shyt startedThey obtained all kinda vans, favor checkered various colorsIf u lace ’em happen the 4th hole, u some type of suckerOnce copped me a pair indigenous the skateboard shopWent home, they no fit, then i had re-copI give a fukk, yea ya young rock on slide onsBut ns bet i’ll snatch ur chick wit my acquired damn vans onHolla in ~ cha boy, yet i deserve to tell ya wherein i acquired theseVans don’t cost G’s, actual n_____s wear these vans (yea…)(Yea, yea, lets go…)In mine van shoes, but they look choose sneakersYea, castle old skool, choose high-top AdidasNow us gettin money, every these n_____s wanna be usBut ns don’t offer a fukk cuz my whole team check out usThese n_____s wouldn’t bust a seed in a porno flickBlack top top black, so they won’t acquire dirtyLookin choose a grown man, feelin prefer i’m ’bout 30Super official, short blow the whistleTalk to my pistol if u got an issueSmokin’ violet stuff, obtained my eyes all hazyPlay documents Young Stunna, dope girls go crazyMy vans walk stupid, skitz-oh-manieBetter cuff ya chick, slip-ons gain ladiesU have the right to have castle coke white skin - man wit castle dirty as lacesn_____s, vans GO, all u lame n_____s challenge itBut my vans lime green, yea, i’m flyer 보다 a room ship


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