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A popular, generally played hoot about a city pair enjoying life under on the farm. The show came on the heels that "Petticoat Junction" and also "The Beverly Hillbillies," making CBS the location to be because that cornpone comedy in the 1960s. Regulars indigenous "Acres" and "Junction" consistently crossed over---easy enough because both series were collection in the city of Hooterville.

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green Acres Actress mary Grace Canfield dies at 89

mary Grace Canfield, that played carpenter Ralph Monroe onGreen Acres, died Saturdayof lung cancer in ~ a hospice in Santa Barbara, Calif., she daughter told theLos Angeles Times.

Love boat Writer-Producer Henry Colman dies

Henry Colman, a veteran TV producer whose credits contained The Love Boat, The Beverly Hillbillies and the original Hawaii Five-O, passed away last week at his house in Los Angeles, follow to the save of American Television. He to be 89.

environment-friendly Acres Star open minded Cady dies at 96

open minded Cady, ideal known together Sam Drucker on green Acres, Petticoat Junction and also The Beverly Hillbillies, has died. He was 96.Cady passed away Friday in ~ his home in Wilsonville, Ore., his daughter Catherine Turk called The Los Angeles Times. A cause of fatality was not given. Remember various other celebrities we lost this yearBorn and raised in California, Cady began acting in ...

Seinfeld"s "Uncle Leo" Len Lesser dies at 88

Len Lesser, finest known for playing Jerry Seinfeld"s beloved Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, has died. He to be 88.The veteran character actor passed away on Wednesday native pneumonia pertained to cancer. He was surrounding by friends and family in his Burbank, Calif., residence at the moment of his passing.

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Okey dokey, mine dad and I have ...

Question: Okey dokey, my dad and I have actually a gambling riding ~ above this one. Mine father claims that Petticoat Junction came before The Beverly Hillbillies and also that Kate and also Pearl, despite both play by the late, an excellent Bea Benaderet, were not related. I, on the various other hand, say that the Hillbillies came prior to Petticoat — and I to be pretty darn sure that there to be something about Kate and also Pearl being remote cousins or something of the sort. Who"s right? Thanks!Answer: Looks like it"s a draw on this one, Ashley. And since you broke the age-old Televisionary rule and didn"t call me what her bet was (and that"s Mr. Okey Dokey to you, through the way), every I have the right to say is it"s one of two people a wash and also you owe each other nothing, or you should buy other nice because that one another. You"re appropriate on the an initial count: The Beverly Hillbillies