A tune where billy Joe Armstrong sings about insomnia from methamphetamine usage. Armstrong admitted to using rate for writing most of the band’s beforehand songs. The symptoms… review More 

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I'm having trouble trying to sleepI'm count sheep, yet running outAs time ticks by, still i tryNo remainder for cross-tops in my mindOn mine own, below we goMy eye feel prefer they're gonna bleedDried up and also bulging the end my skullMy mouth is dry, my challenge is numbFucked up and also spun out in my roomOn mine own, right here we goMy mental is collection on overdriveThe clock is laughing in my faceA crooked spine, mine senses dulledPast the allude of deliriumOn mine own, here we go
My eyes feel prefer they're gonna bleedDried up and bulging the end my skullMy mouth is dry, my face is numbFucked up and also spun out in mine roomOn mine own, here we go

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A song where billy Joe Armstrong sings around insomnia native methamphetamine usage. Armstrong admitted come using rate for writing many of the band’s early songs. The symptoms, specifically the album’s titular ‘insomnia’ are usual of methamphetamine usage.

It’s likewise notable for segueing straight to the next track, “Jaded”, come the suggest the solitary had both together.


In a 1995 cover story because that Rolling Stone, billie Joe Armstrong explains the beginning of the title:

“Brain Stew,” Armstrong explains, is the nickname that James Washburn, a longtime friend of the band. “He supplied to have a big mohawk; currently he’s a full ratchethead ,” claims Armstrong. “He’ll to speak something prefer ‘Oh, man, that guy fuckin’ slipped a gear,’ as soon as someone snaps. He is a large lyrical influence on me.” and also the opening lines the “No Pride” (“I’m just a mutt/And i do not have anything is mine home/Where dignity’s a land mine/In the college of shed hope”) are owed come “Gonna find You,” a tune by one more mentor, Jesse Michaels, who led the late, great Berkeley act procedure Ivy, whom Armstrong calls “a punk-rock Kerouac.”