”It is mine perception, that a true friend never relies ~ above another"s dream. A human being with the potential to be my true friend, must be able to find his reason for life there is no my help. And, that would need to put his heart and also soul right into protecting his dream. That would never hesitate come fight because that his dream, even against me. For me, a true friend is one that stands equal on those terms."


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Anime: Berserk




Author:Kentaro Miura

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When it concerns Berserk, there’s a lot of things that just completely baffled me. The many shocking occasions really had to do with one of my favourite characters, Griffith. I understand that yes sir the trend going around that he did absolutely naught wrong and that his actions had actually pretty good reasons yet let’s it is in honest, Griffith did around EVERYTHING wrong. Currently I’m no saying he was an dreadful leader. He had quite a well attracted out philosophy and did care for his troops and all, yet his actions by the end of the series are merely unforgivable and also brutal to watch. I honestly wasn’t expecting that to do that yet at the same time ns really carry out see reasonings. In this blog, okay be pointing out the things Griffith did right as well as the points he walk wrong which that deserves to it is in punished for. Frankly, i actually want to start an discussion in the an initial place. I’ll also say the again. GRIFFITH did WRONG

(Warning: plenty of spoilers ahead)

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