I'm level 39 now, at this time playing with normal mode. What level should you be because that Veteran and other difficulties, and is that like starting over v all your levels, or is that something you have the right to do indigenous level one?


You have to beat normal/vet last boss (vet is simply a tougher variation of common not an entirely separate thing) to unlock, and beat elite to unlock ultimate for each character. Elite/Ultimate is very same thing, yet harder. Redo every the pursuits etc, yet bigger mobs, much more heroes, higher resists/hp for them, penalties to her resists

After 1k hrs of GD mine advice is together follows. When you to win the last boss on normal/bet instantly walk to elite, unless your character yes, really stinks or has horrible resists (resists take it a penalty in elite) girlfriend will do fine in elite. I never played normal, going share to elite might be a substantially bigger jump 보다 vet->elite yet you will execute fine. Ultimate however is a little bit of a stat examine you will desire to have actually a solid health and wellness pool and also pretty hard resists for ultimate. Faction gear/augments and also maybe part farming will help you job your guy up when you acquire there

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It's funny. 500 hours into the video game I always find Veteran the hardest. Since I have a ton that late game gear come support many builds it's absolutely harder because that me come play catiously with new characters in shitty gear.

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Normal is completely optional, favor a casual mode. Most human being here start at veteran since in normal the video game isn't funny nor challenging.

If i'm playing self-found (that means, only with item dropped for that character, no mutual stash) what I do is complete veteran and try to development in elite until I reach a deathwall (I mean, I gain my ass kicked)

I shot to farm yard the warden ~ above Elite till I can breakthrough in A2, then farm the hive ~ above A2 and so on, upstream isn't daunting tbh and with the gear from factions it's doable.

Ultimate is a entirety other thing, most of the time I perform a couple of runs to get at the very least empowered tools or my element resistances high so ns don't get oneshotted (depends on your build)

If girlfriend don't have any legendary or crappy gear do what i did as soon as I simply started ultimate, take it the Burrwitch town waypoint, operation ahead and also go to Hallowed hill.

In 1 hour you have the right to do at least 20 runs, there is a chest over there that needs dinamyte (so handmade those in prior to hand)

Most of the time you're gonna acquire rare craft mats, part blueprints (rares) and if you're lucky sufficient legendary items.

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I gained at least 1 legendary per 15 runs, add to a bunch the blueprints and also hearts/bloods/brains.