When friend think of October, a specific spooky holiday involves mind. Yet October is about more than jack o’ lanterns and candy. It’s additionally the very first full month that fall, through cooler temperatures, much longer nights, delicious fruits and vegetables, and beautiful autumnal colors.

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Oh, and there’s pumpkin spice. Lots and also lots that pumpkin spice.

In short, October is quite awesome in its very own right. Even if you’re not one of those people who eagerly counts down the days until the 31st, friend can find something come love about this distinct time that year.

To assist you storage the season, we’ve put together the adhering to list that October greetings come share v friends. Choose freshly harvest produce, castle come in a variety of flavors, so you have the right to pick the one that fits her tastes.


It’s officially October. Allow the countdown come Halloween begin.Crisp, cool air and also color everywhere… October is my kind of month!Wishing friend an remarkable October and a fabulous fall.Happy Fall, y’all! hope October treats you right!It’s time to fall in love through October almost everywhere again!Apples, caramel, and also pumpkin spice… hope her October is extra-nice!The warm of summer is done, and also the cool of winter hasn’t however begun. It must be October!Happy October, Pumpkin!It’s the most spook-tacular time of the year. Happy October!

Break out the warm socks and also hot apple cider… October is here!Happy Fall! Happy October! and also best the all, Happy Halloween!Welcome to October, guys. Because that my money, it’s the best month of the year. Expect it treats you kindly.Enjoy these valuable days the October. Winter is just around the corner!May her days it is in as vibrant as the autumn colors. Happy October!Happy October to every my friends! expect this cooler weather has you feeling frisky!The air is crisp, the colors room beautiful, and Halloween is just around the corner. Happy October!


Here are some stunner October greetings. If you choose these, don’t leaf without likewise checking out our list of autumn puns.

Happy October to all of my fellow Halloween junkies!

It’s lastly October, which means I can put the end my Halloween decorations without gift judged.Happy October, people. Acquire ready for pumpkin spiced… everything.Happy October, everyone! The scariest thing around this month isn’t the holiday at the finish of it, however the weather that comes ~ it!The much longer nights and also cooler air do October a an excellent month for sleeping. Wake up me once it’s Halloween, guys.It’s October! as if I necessary an excuse to eat candy and also watch fear movies.

Now that it’s October, we can all buy bags of candy and also “accidentally” eat it all well prior to Halloween.Happy October! Anyone who mentions Christmas before the finish of the month will certainly be automatically blocked.Can it continue to be October forever? just asking.

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October Quotes

Finally, below are a grasp of well known sayings about the month of October. For Halloween-specific quotes, view this article.

“October is the opal month that the year. It is the month the glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month.”
“October is fresh days and cool nights, a time to curl up roughly the dancing flames and sink right into a an excellent book.”