My house has actually several harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Two bulbs have burned out however I can"t seem to find what dimension bulbs should replace them. Here"s a photo of among the melted bulbs (right) and also a share ceiling fan bulb with an intermediary A15 basic (left).

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I"ve searched about Home Depot and also Amazon however haven"t uncovered what size this is. There"s likewise no version number top top the exterior of the fan that i can find to look increase the manual. Any ideas?


I have 6 that the 52" harbor Breeze fan/lights.

I think you are searching for a "G" shaped bulb, with a basic of "16.5" not to exceed 60 watts.

A 60 watt incandescent bulb is identical to (8 to 9) watt LED bulb. If you chose to go through a LED replacement.

So the packaging should say "G16.5" 120v and whatever wattage you would certainly like, just as long as you carry out not exceed 60 watts incandescent or 9 watt LED.

Halogen bulbs placed out a the majority of heat, may also melt fixture, I would certainly NOT usage a Halogen bulb.

Hope this helps!


A describes the form of the glass part. 15 is the diameter that the base. For this reason A represents arbitrary, E stands for edison, T represents tubular and so on. The man is generally the base measurements. Common bulbs space E, size of base. The tiny base dimension is known as an E12 Candelabra base.

Anything through that size, screw-in base must fit in the socket, however it needs to be A15 come fit within the shade.

Also, watch the end for the rating or brightness the the bulb. The port Breeze model ceiling fans commonly say MAX 60W. For this reason that"s roughly 14W for CFL kind bulbs and 6W LED - which will expense the most, however are the cheapest to operation in the long term.



They usage the e-11 mini candelabra base bulb. This is smaller than the "standard" e-12 the is found in night lights and some chandeliers.E-11 = 11mm diameter, e-12 = 12mm diameter.

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I had a difficult time figuring the end which pear to usage on the harbor Breeze fixture the the prior owner installed. Current bulb labeling doesn"t usage "E" numbers. This 100W/120 volt mini candelabra basic halogen irradiate worked and also is dimmable.

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