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Money trick:This just works if you have actually the cheat (Action Replay) for "All tools in Shed". Anytime Van pertains to town, conveniently go to the device Shed, find the "Fishing Pole G" and keep pushing "A". The Fishing Pole sells for about 1000 gold a-piece. Keep pressing "A" till you have 99 of lock in your Rucksack. Then, walk down to Van"s and sell every 99. Repeat as required (in someday you have the right to receive 500,000 Gold).Call your horse:When you push R twice, you obtain a two-toned whistle. This horn will call your horse from practically anywhere, even outside your farm"s borders. If you room outside and also the equine is in the barn, call it will certainly still work, yet you can"t speak to it once you room inside.(supplied by: tic_tac15) elevating Heart Rates:Celia:Give Celia Goddess Drop flower in the spring everyday and at the end of feather to the begin of Summer Nik, Nak, and Fak will give you a Blue Feather.Another keep in mind to raise Celia heart also faster buy crop seeds native her and only her.Muffy:Give Muffy a flower and milk, she"ll take both. The very same thing top top the top will occupational too. Another note purchase a drink or two day-to-day at the bar she heart will go increase also.Nami:In the Spring, Summer, Fall, and also Winter walk the damages everyday and also whatever you find give it come Nami. Another note Nami loves crops and also recipes. The same as over as the rather will happen too.(supplied by: Harvest Moon Goddess)Cutscence through the girls and also what lock like:Celia:Have 1 heart and enter Vesta"s house. Leave as soon as Celia is outside. This triggers an occasion where Celia asks about the farm.Celia:Have 2 hearts with Celia and leave her house about noon. This triggers an occasion with Celia and also the spring.Celia:Have 3 hearts with Celia. Enter Vesta"s house when Celia is inside and Vesta and Marlin room in the warehouse room. This cause a scene with a purchase trip.Celia:Have 3 hearts through Celia and also enter her house when Celia is inside. This cause a scene wherein she bring away you to the spring and also she speaks of one more man.Celia:Have 4 hearts with Celia and Vesta"s residence while Celia, Vesta, and also Marlin room inside. They"re arguing about the male Celia is claimed to marry.Celia:Have 4 hearts through Celia and leave your residence after 6AM. This triggers a scene whereby Celia is lacking and she states she loves you.Muffy:Have 1 heart with Muffy and exit her house roughly noon and this root cause a scene with Muffy and your dog.Muffy:Have 2 hearts through Muffy and enter the bar throughout the evening because that a scene through Muffy and also a damaged dish.Muffy:Have 3 hearts with Muffy exit your house about noon and also Muffy will talk to you about her expedition to a wedding.Muffy:Have 4 hearts v Muffy and go to bed indigenous 6-8PM. Muffy come by and also says she think she being followed.Muffy:Have 4 hearts with Muffy and also enter the bar around noon. This will trigger a scene where you take it Muffy ~ above a date.Nami:Have 1 heart through Nami and also leave your house approximately noon.Nami:Have 2 hearts with Nami. Enter the bar as soon as only Nami, Muffy, and also Griffin space inside.Nami:Have 3 hearts with Nami. Get in your house around 8.Nami:Have 4 hearts v Nami. Get in the inside Inn around 10PM.Nami:Have 4 hearts through Nami and enter the Inn late winter.Celia likes: Goddess autumn flowersMuffy likes: Flowers and milkNami: Fossils and clay statues, cooking, crops, trick Blue Flowers, and also watermelons. (supplied by: DarkPhoenix06)Tartan:In the second year of the game, befriend Takakura. To walk in his house around 5-10 am and you"ll check out a gigantic plant. This plants name is Tartan. He deserve to make hybrid crops. (supplied by: GamerGurl_14)Nami Comes back to Town:If you no marry Nami in the very first chapter she would certainly leave town. Yes sir a method to get her back. Note:This only works in the 2nd year top top the 7th work of Spring. To create this event you get in the Bar at 9:30 come 10:00. (Muffy i do not know be inside for this event to work.) in ~ the end of the bar section of the scene select "Go After" so friend whold go outside and see Nami. In ~ the finish of the scene say "Stay as lengthy as you like" and Nami would stay. You have to have at the very least 2 hearts through Nami because that this to work. She needs to like girlfriend at the very least for it come happen. If friend forgot to do this climate too negative because girlfriend wont check out Nami ever again.(supplied by: JwBruck)
There are 12 codes for this game.(M)1YBD-B4ED-BFYD7B763-QCPM-ZXUM8Max/Infinite Cash066R-PNHU-MDG7R3KA0-TY2G-3ZU0J9P4X-VCAE-VMAV4Z92H-7A4J-1MUHJ3K6A-CBA6-Q7F5TNever tired 27J5-9AA3-X5XQQV40A-707X-3WDHNNever Hungry D719-5RUW-8QPX4BNX9-AP59-ATW75Infinite Fodder In BarnAJZH-9DGQ-E16JP35RE-ENZE-8DYRWChickens always FedZAEG-U9F3-CZMGVDRDE-AJA3-61HKBFood Bins full of Food AQW5-KTYN-35Q5RT0BR-EPWK-MP6VEFood Bins full of good Food 0DNV-9FC1-AGBJNFX75-YR4Y-JH8ZYAll devices in the burned 4P70-VPDM-9R1BEZYW2-5EDV-16KJ86XFM-4YGX-PPGKRIncrease Time speed (D Pad Up) 3HTW-M8XF-FB1T6CKCX-FZJY-TFYGC42V5-KWTR-JJMV253PR-0NRY-9B66KDecrease Time speed (D Pad Down) YN7M-GG5Z-W3ZBCWPRK-EP9F-443CPGRY0-1G67-TMXBRFRQ4-P5YE-AV3H8Reset Time speed (D Pad Right) 5N0Z-6BB2-4ER0P6TC1-MF5F-NPP8M9B3F-NTYR-FN3T1

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There space 12 codes for this game.(M)DZPG-46VJ-F4HQXPQ6B-GQ3Z-DR9RETons that CashV6G5-81UN-9V538AD31-EUPB-VE0WFNever ExhaustedUE4H-NM5G-X3Y25V40A-707X-3WDHNNever HungryGJ9D-Z1Y6-BC4ZUBNX9-AP59-ATW75Always Food in the BarnC02E-KR6D-KEF0A35RE-ENZE-8DYRWAlways Food for the ChickensJXP1-BN18-EY0X1DRDE-AJA3-61HKBFood Bins complete of FoodDDDH-MVE5-11T57T0BR-EPWK-MP6VEFood Bins full of great FoodFNYT-XB16-DMZZGFX75-YR4Y-JH8ZYAll tools in the ShedA4UX-YY5F-RP7VVZYW2-5EDV-16KJ86XFM-4YGX-PPGKRIncrease Time speed (D Pad Up)FTK5-W0NG-K15GHCKCX-FZJY-TFYGC42V5-KWTR-JJMV253PR-0NRY-9B66KDecrease Time rate (D Pad Down)UM9Y-J4CD-X3XV4WPRK-EP9F-443CPGRY0-1G67-TMXBRFRQ4-P5YE-AV3H8Reset Time rate (D Pad Right)RXNK-K87P-CU9526TC1-MF5F-NPP8M9B3F-NTYR-FN3T1 get the best selection of Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life Cheats, password & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ because that Gamecube native Cheat code CentralThe Genie has much more Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life cheats at CheatingDome.com.