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The MVP award is absolutely the most prestigious award any type of player in the NBA is striving to win. This prize is offered to the player, who has actually been impressive throughout the whole season. Skills and significant talent are needed to clinch this title and also when it concerns the very first season – everything is lot harder.

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Who has won the NBA MVP together rookie? There are only two football player who have won the NBA MVP Award as rookies. They space Wilt Chamberlin and also Wes Unseld.

During the full NBA season, 82 matches are played – if we carry out not take right into account the 2020/2021 season i m sorry was reduced short because of the coronavirus pandemic. Once a player concerns the NBA because that the first time, it is almost impossible come take end the league immediately and also become one MVP. We are talking about 80 games – that is important to display a consistent level in practically every game.

However, naught is as daunting as it may seem since 2 football player -2 legends – actually achieved this feat. It must be Chamberlain and Wes Unseld to be the people who regulated to attain such a an overwhelming task. Both of this players room inducted right into the hall of Fame and also what renders them so unique is that alongside the MVP awards, they likewise grabbed Rookie the the Year awards simultaneously. Chamberlain was the an initial player to perform so and also after 9 years Unseld repetitive the exact same accomplishment. In this article, we will certainly talk about these 2 players.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt to be a dominant force throughout his career in the NBA and managed to surprised everyone in his first season. In 1960 as a player of the Philadelphia warrior he ended up being an MVP at 24 year old. The debut which that made versus the new York Knicks was phenomenal amassing 42 points and also 28 rebounds!

Wilt is indeed one the the best and influential players of the NBA. His confrontation through Bill Russell is quiet remembered and Chamberlain also holds a record for many points in a single game, as soon as he score 100 points.

In his rookie season, Chamberlain averaged mind-blowing 37.6 points and 27 rebounds v a 46.7% ar goal. Having such results in the an initial season is unbelievable does not matter which era we space talking about. However, he didn’t obtain a triple-double together an mean in his rookie season.

In simply 56 scores Chamberlain managed to score 2,102 points while breaking 8 other records together well. Furthermore, in the All-Star game, he came to be an MVP too v 23 points and also 25 rebounds.

Games Played72
Minutes played46.2
Field goal Percentage.461%
Free litter Percentage.582%
Wilt Chamberlains stats in his very first season

Wilt Chamberlain to be a real wonder. His athleticism and also stature constantly drew attention native experts. Other teams were merely unable to protect against him there is no a dual or triple defense even! In his rookie season, that dragged his team to the playoffs single-handedly, where, in the eastern Conference Finals lost against the Boston Celtics, who had Bill Russell in the team.

Wilt likewise holds a record for the most points through a rookie in a game – 58. As soon as he to be still a rookie, Chamberlain surprised pan by saying that he to be thinking about retiring, since the groups were taking difficult fouls versus him. And also we know that if we mentioned the most noticeable weakness of Chamberlain it was free-throw shooting.

Chamberlain is likewise the only player to collection 50 points and also 35 rebounds in a playoff game and additionally the sole player to average 50 clues in a single game. Because that his size, he had the unusual method and ball-handling skills which space surprising to see even nowadays.

Wes Unseld

Wes Unseld was drafted through the Baltimore Bullets in 1968 and also in 1969, 9 year after Chamberlain’s feat, join him as a second player to insurance claim the MVP award. He to be an incredible player – dominating other teams and also in his an initial season averaged 13.8 points, 18.2 rebounds, and also 2.6 assists v a field goal of 47.6%. Like Chamberlain, he also won the Rookie the the Year Award.

Being a rookie and also a leader that his team, Unseld helped the Bullets to finish in first place in the Eastern division with a 57-25 record. Us should suggest out the the year before, the Bullets finished in the critical place. Not only he excelled in offense however possessed incredible protective capabilities.

Games Played82
Minutes Played36.2
Field score Percentage.0476%
Free throw Percentage.605%
Total Rebounds18.6
Wes Unseld stats indigenous his rookie season

His very first game to be not favor the one Chamberlain delivered. He had 8 points and also 22 rebounds in a win against the Detroit Pistons. Nevertheless, mirroring consistency and hard effort throughout the entirety season aided him to win the most prestigious award.

While the led the Baltimore Bullets right into the playoffs in 1969, averaging 18.8 points and also 18.5 rebounds it to be not sufficient to go further, shedding in 4 games versus the brand-new York Knicks. The magic the Unseld was not enough this time.

Even though his size and also height were something not common for a center, the compensated for everything with his determination and strength. His rebounding skills were excellent, delivered incredible assists, and was terrific in quick breaks.

Throughout his career, Unseld averaged a double-double with 10.8 points and 14 rebounds (he couldn’t quite control a triple-double). Afterward, his number 41 jersey to be retired by the Bullets.

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To this time only Wilt Chamberlain and also Wes Unseld stay as players who won the regular-season MVP. Still, nowadays it is considered such an incredible achievement that hardly anyone will have the ability to repeat the feat, Chamberlain and also Unseld controlled to accomplish. Earlier in the 60s, there to be a shortage of basketball starts. Right now we have a most contenders because that the MVP title – indigenous LeBron James to Luka Doncic. The is harder for rookie football player to an obstacle these leading players in the gyeongju for the title. Though records carry out not continue to be at the very same place and also everything can adjust drastically an extremely rapidly.