„He boring the load of a pioneer and the load made that strong. If one have the right to be details of something in baseball, it is that us shall no look ~ above his like again.“

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— i get it Kahn American baseball writer 1927 - 2020

Źródło: The guys Of Summer, lines On The Transpontine Madness, p. Xix (See also: Jackie Robinson)


„For history, ns say again, has actually this and also this only for that own: if a male will begin upon it, he have to sacrifice come no God but Truth; the must overlook all else; his sole rule and also unerring overview is this – come think not of those who are listening to him now, but of the however unborn who shall seek his converse.“

— Lucian ancient Greek writer 120

Sect. 39; vol. 2, pp. 128-9; H. W. Fowler and also F. G. Fowler (trans.) The functions of Lucian that Samosata.How to write History


— Theognis of Megara Greek lyric poet active in roughly the 6th century BC -570 - -485 p. N. E.

Źródło: Elegies, line 725, equivalent to: "For as soon as he dieth that shall bring nothing away, his glory shall no descend after him", Psalm xlix, 17.


„He was standing up and looked at me also as the seasons might look under upon the field, and also He smiled. And He claimed again: "All men love you for themselves. Ns love you for yourself."“

— Khalil Gibran, książka Jesus, The child of Man

Jesus, The son of man (1928)Kontekst: the stood up and also looked in ~ me even as the seasons can look under upon the field, and He smiled. And He said again: "All males love you for themselves. I love you for yourself."And then He go away.But no other man ever walked the means He walked. Was it a breath born in mine garden that relocated to the east? Or to be it a storm that would shake all points to your foundations?I knew not, but on that day the sunset the His eye slew the dragon in me, and also I ended up being a woman, I came to be Miriam, Miriam of Mijdel.Mary Magdalen: On meeting Jesus because that The first Time


„But whosoe’er shall overcome Death,Tho’ mortal guy he be,Shall in his season increase again,And live, with thee, and me!“

— Robert Williams Buchanan Scottish poet, novelist and dramatist 1841 - 1901

Balder the Beautiful (1877)Kontekst: “O Balder, he that fashion’d us,And bade united state live and also move,Shall weave because that Death’s sad heavenly hairImmortal flowers of love.“Ah! never ever fail’d my servant Death,Whene’er I named his name,—But at my bidding he hath flownAs swift together frost or flame.“Yea, as a sleuth-hound monitor a man,And find his form, and also springs,So on foot he hunted down the godsAs fine as human being things!“Yet only thro’ the stamin of DeathA god shall loss or increase —A thousands lie top top the cold snows,Stone still, with marble eyes.“But whosoe’er shall dominate Death,Tho’ mortal male he be,Shall in his season rise again,And live, with thee, and also me!“And whosoe’er loves mortals mostShall dominate Death the best,Yea, whosoe’er grows beautifulShall prosper divinely blest.”The white Christ increased his shining faceTo the still bright’ning sky.“Only the beautiful chandelier abide,Only the base shall die!”


„I said him, the if the rogue were taken he deserved to be hanged, more than all the rest, for bringing in the Scots. Upon which that said, that ns spoke favor an moral man, and also so us parted.“

— Charles II of England King that England, Ireland and also Scotland 1630 - 1685

As quoted by Philibert de Gramont (1701), in Memoirs that the Court the Charles the 2nd (1846) through Anthony Hamilton, edited by teacher Walter Scott.Kontekst: Mrs. Lane and also I take it our journey towards Bristol, fixing to lie in ~ a place called Long Marson, in the vale of Esham.But we had actually not gone two hrs on our way but the mare ns rode on cast a shoe; so us were required to ride to get one more shoe at a scattering village, whose name begins with something prefer Long—. And also as i was holding my horse's foot, i asked the blacksmith what news? that told me that there to be no news the he knew of, because the great news of the beating the the rogues the Scots. Ns asked him whether there to be none that the English taken that joined through the Scots? the answered, that he did no hear the that rogue Charles Stewart was taken; but some that the others, the said, to be taken, yet not Charles Stewart. I told him, that if the rogue to be taken he deserved to it is in hanged, more than every the rest, because that bringing in the Scots. Upon which that said, that i spoke choose an ethical man, and also so we parted.

„The indigenous takes to himself one man, for He bring away unity. The does no take schisms to Himself, no one does He take heresies. … So that is one guy who is taken, and also his Head is Christ. … This is that "blessed guy who hath not walked in the board of directors of the ungodly" (Ps. 1:1); this is he that is assumed. That is not exterior of us. … Let us be in Him, and also we shall it is in assumed; let united state be in Him, and also we shall be chosen. … thus this one man that is bring away to become the holy place of God, is at when many and also one.“

— Aurelius Augustinus beforehand Christian theologian and philosopher 354 - 430

Źródło: top top the Mystical body of Christ, p.430

„Upon him I will certainly visit famine and also a fire.Till all approximately him desolation ringsAnd all the demons in the outer darkLook ~ above amazed and also recognizeThat vengeance is the company of a man.“

— Patrick Rothfuss, książka Imię wiatru

Źródło: The name of the Wind (2007), thing 43, “The Flickering Way” (p. 323)

„When i look in ~ the man at the head the the French monarchy, surrounding as that is v all the pomp of power, and all the pride of victory, distributing kingdoms come his family, and principalities come his followers; seeming, together he sits upon his throne, to have reached the summit of human being ambition, the pinnacle the earthly happiness; and when i follow him right into his closet, or come his bed, and also contemplate the anguish through which his solitude need to be tortured, by recollections of the blood he has actually spilt, and also the oppressions he has committed.“

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„For a man can lose no the past nor the future; because that how can one take it from him that which is not his? for this reason remember these 2 points: first, that each thing is the like kind from everlasting and also comes ring again in the cycle, and also that that signifies not whether a man shall look at upon the very same things for a century or 2 hundred, or because that an infinity that time; second, the the longest lived and the shortest live man, as soon as they come to die, lose one and also the same thing.“