While the Sanrio Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is simply as adorable, this one by EMIE is a many more affordably priced, retailing at much less than fifty percent the price of the Fujifilm camera on Shopee Singapore.

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EMIE is a Chinese electronics brand that makes affordable and stylish products like bluetooth speakers, humidifiers and smart lights. They"ve exit an adorable Hello Kitty digital camera!


The Hello Kitty style is in reality a protective silicone sleeve fitted end the camera to protect it from dents and also scratches.


Although it"s designed because that children, it is an really digital camera with all the common functions of an "adult"s" camera. Catching 1080p videos and 2000w pixel images, the camera"s HD image quality must be sufficient to win over adult photographers who space young in ~ heart!

It has up come 5 hours of battery life, SD card space for approximately 64GB and also a USB port to fiddle photos, although you"ll should purchase a SD map separately.



You deserve to decorate her photos will Hello Kitty photograph frames and also stickers, 6 filters and also 3 funny photo effects.


Besides the camera functions, it also comes with built-in games choose Snake and also Tetris and works as a MP3 player.

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You can shop the EMIE X Hello Kitty digital camera online below -> Shopee.sg because that $53.37 (U.P. $133.44).

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