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Im level 80. I"ve beaten phantom, cut zisa, and sephiroth.done the hades cup time psychological with practically 3 minute left. And i tho cant obtain thru the hecurles cup time psychological cloud constantly put up his sword and also flies approximately so that harder to make an excellent hits ~ above him and also then hercules" dumb ass thinks hes one-of-a-kind so u gotta rubbish time throwing barrels in ~ him. Ns think if i had about 30 seconds much more time i"d have it.any suggestions???

Glide or evade Roll about to avoid getting hit by flying Cloud, climate right before he finishes that flying relocate thing, go as much as him, and attack him. EDIT: ns think if you usage Guard ~ above Cloud, he have to stop flying and you deserve to counterattack.

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Im pretty certain I heard the a glitch where if you with herc, push start, restart, then the timer because that the cup will certainly freeze ~ above restart. Haven"t tested it yet, yet you might want to offer it a try.

JoinedFeb 9, 2009Messages4,190Reaction score0Points0 Age28LocationLooking because that Someone to Watch over
sugarmelts, ns will try guard and also let ya know. Sound promising though.grimm, i will shot that glitch and also let u know. Hercules is simply such a time waster

using guard against cloud"s sonic blade and also herc"s bull charge worked, stunned them (got tech points too). I managed to do it out v ten seconds. Didnt try glitch yet i looked the up and also it stated that functions too.THANKS, currently the strength up is every mine a mod have the right to close this currently