Light pouring from holes in an old lampshade shines on a variety of stvariety items: a skull, a crystal orb, a stuffed owl... The place"s owner will assist you unveil the mystery and also understand also the interpretation of things.

Probably several items name were readjusted by upday. Let try to inspect all items name bellow. Give me those informations to Twitter.


Items Rank

You have the right to uncover items each levels.

Rank 7


Rank 6


Rank 5


Rank 4


Rank 3


Rank 2


Rank 1



Nostradamus" Quill

Colosseum Plate

Key of Carelessness

Statue of Athena

Morgaine"s Ward

Sphinx Plate

Key of Envy

Statue of Hercules

Lenormand"s Cards

Eiffel Tower Plate

Key of Pride

Statue of Prometheus

Statue of Aphrodite

Pentagrammaton"s Ring

Big Ben Plate

Key of Deception

Statue of Apollo

Merlin"s Staff

Taj Mahal Plate

Key of Avarice

Babsence Chocolate Candy

White Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Nut Candy

Milk Chocolate Candy

Grilled Nut Candy



Silver Knife

Thor"s Hammer


Red Relic



Skeleton Key

Tarot Cards

Kerosene Lantern


Inner Mechanism

Mechanical Body


Morpho Adonis

Amulet of Time-Loop

Old book


Sheriff"s Badge

Bottle of Laudanum

Stvariety Monocle

Cameo via Child"s Portrait

Lucky Top

Hateful Cod Liver Oil

Weathervane via Flames

Damaged Isolator

Linked Cups

Doves and also Goblet Insignia

Priceless Snake

Burning Cards

Astral Projection

Hypnotic Beacon

Oujia Board Triangle

Incense Holder

Rising Star Brooch

Houdini"s Handcuffs

Escher Cube

Mobius Strip

Klein Bottle

Infinite Uroboros

Bernoulli Spiral

Fortune Teller"s Poster

Fire Dart

Brush Kit

Threefold Amulet

Mechanic"s Glasses


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