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UPDATE: Suspect dealing with multitude the charges after high-speed police chase, crash ~ above I-75 SB in Ooltewah

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Sgt. Alan Bailey states 19-year-old Theonda Thorne to be chased by a grasp of organ from Knoxville come Ooltewah.

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Bailey says the doubt rammed 2 police vehicles in Knoxville before beginning the high rate chase.

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Police say Thorne was dangerous sufficient to continue the high rate chase, in spite of Friday afternoon traffic.

"This person had three aggravated burglary fees or warrants against him and also had a weapon in the vehicle," Sgt. Bailey said. "We knew that wasn"t going to provide up and also wasn"t going to stop."

According come an affidavit, Thorne is encountering charges of:

Felony evading Reckless steering Reckless endangerment Speeding Driving without a patent Resisting arrest Aggravated attack on police Possession of drug paraphernalia Possession of a firearm while in board of directors of a violent felony

Police feel the high threat of chasing Thorne under the interstate would certainly yield a better reward.

"There could be a risk to the public-- i beg your pardon aggravated burglary would certainly be, then we will certainly chase lock a lot much longer than we would for a speeding ticket," Sgt. Bailey called Channel 3.

The chase ended when Thorne crashed into one more car ~ above the interstate.

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Police to speak the doubt was taken to the hospital and then transported to the Hamilton county Jail. They to speak the various other person involved in the crash had minor injuries and is expected to it is in okay.