I captured Pokémon that required Power up Stardust that 5000 before, and also I to be at level 30 or 31, and I can power increase a Pokémon all the way with 6000 stardust needed at the time.

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I thought it is by "remainder arithmetics", meaning it is modulo math, that if you space at level 27, then the best level of Pokémon the you catch will be level 26 (calculated by the Pokémon identifier number, modulo your level, to gain the remainder together the level the Pokémon the you caught).

Now I can power up a Pokémon all the way to needing stardust 7000, however the Pokémon I captured are still requiring a preferably of 5000 to strength up. Does the max out at this level? (I think they space level 30 Pokémon). Ns think because that a hatched egg, the level max out at 2500, and they room all level 20 Pokémon.



With the recent advent of the weather system in Pokemon Go, wild Pokemon are no much longer capped come level 30.0 if lock are recorded while the weather conditions are favorable to them.

For instance, if it"s snowing in the game, Ice and Steel Pokemon showing up on the map room no much longer capped to level 30.0, while all the others still continue to be capped come level 30.0.

The preferably level that these weather-boosted wild Pokemon have the right to reach is 35.0.



Pokemon hatched from eggs will certainly be, at most, level 20.0.

Pokemon captured in the wild, however, will be, in ~ most, level 30.0. Check out here.

This way that when you fight level 30, Pokemon encountered in the wild will certainly no longer keep up with your level.

However, you are still able to strength up your Pokemon come level 40.0, in increments the 0.5.


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