alert, careful, cautious, defensive, guarded, heedful, mindful, observant, top top one's guard, top top one's toes, on the lookout, on the watch, vigilant, wary, watchful

Idiom scenario 1

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Two friends room talking ...

Friend 1: Hold top top to your hat! I have some huge news.

Friend 2: You gained yourself a boyfriend?

Friend 1: No. It's bigger than that. Ns won twenty million dollars in the lottery.

Friend 2: Wow! That's amazing.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two colleagues are talking in the reception area the their offices ...

Colleague 1: I need to warn you to hold ~ above to your hat prior to you enter the office.

Colleague 2: Why? have I been fired?

Colleague 1: ns don't know around that but every one of the office furnishings space gone. The workplaces are entirely empty.

Colleague 2: Huh?

hold on to your hat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 15

hold top top to her hat - Examples:

1) Hold on to your hat together a pill the turns ago the clock could be easily accessible in just two years.

2) If this seems complicated, hold on to your hat: it's around to get even much more so.

3) Hold on to your hat because large Brother is tearing v the steps today within the BB16 house and we ...

4) Hold ~ above to your hat, due to the fact that we got a long method to go baby! Don't expect it to more than until after ~ the election, depending upon who wins.

5) Well, hold ~ above to your hat. Currently you can do a on facebook Live video with two world in separate locations. How cool is that?

6) There's basically no factor to clock Smackdown till it goes live after ~ the brand split, and also this is the critical one, so hold on to her hat.

7) five days later, the keep owner called to to speak she'd marketed out: “Hold ~ above to her hat,” she said. “You're in because that a wild ride.”

8) Hold ~ above to your hat, due to the fact that markets have the right to experience post-report volatility as economists and also traders digest huge revisions.

9) however hold ~ above to your hat as soon as it involves the perhaps dire politics backlash. ~ all, the number of people paying stamp duty yearly is ...

10) "Hold ~ above to your hat," I said to Bruce together we flared. Bang.

11) but if friend think the forecasting errors in relationship to superannuation taxes space something to behold, hold ~ above to her hat as soon as it comes to ...

12) Hold on to her hat. Here comes a “wow” moment.

13) If friend think this is complex, hold ~ above to her hat. The photo is make even more murky by a separate collection of data based on how countless crimes space ...

14) ... Adult human is £1035 ($1500), when the many expensive non-club level season ticket is - hold on to your hat - £2039 ($2956). For one ticket.

15) ... Beautiful - however you do need to hold top top to your hat as soon as it happens. The Type-R change takes the already racy-looking hatchback and adds a bodykit, ...

16) If this appears complicated, hold on to her hat: It's around to get even more so. Because the sun and the solar device are relocating relative to the ..

17) Hold ~ above to your hat, because there is currently a jumbo jet designed come look prefer lovable droid R2-D2.

18) Long-term, all 3 of these picks room stocks to buy on very large dips. Hold top top to her hat though, due to the fact that the ride is going come be an extremely bumpy.

19) Did i say “lucky”? perhaps “independently wealthy” would have been an ext accurate.

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host on to your hat, because it prices a lining $3,400.