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Welcome to the vacation Inn mountain Jose - Silicon Valley. V convenient accessibility to I-880, I-280 and also Highway 101, us are located within a mile and a fifty percent of the san Jose worldwide Airport with cost-free shuttle service to and also from plane (call hotel for choose up). Adjacent to the hotel, the general public light rail device (Gish St. Station) offers access of under 5 miles to downtown san Jose, the san Jose Convention Center, Levi Stadium, and SAP occasion Center. Our modern, innovative hotel uses a plethora the amenities such as spacious guest rooms featuring luxurious new bedding, new mattresses, new 50 inch flat screen TVs and also more. Overnight parking: $13 per automobile per night event parking: $5/per car

Had a good time and it was straightforward to discover I'd probably stay here again if necessary looking forward to next year's convention employee was good and lock checked united state in and out v no difficulties so thanks to the staff for making our stay comfortable
Hello W8799QLrobertd We constantly love to read and also share through our employee what ours guests room saying around us. We're happy you didn't have actually a hard time locating us. Our staff will certainly be really happy to know their efforts made an additional satisfied guest stay. We will certainly celebrate with those girlfriend had communicated with you. See you following year. Have a good weekday.

This hotel was closed because that a few months for renovations and also it's so cute now! The bar isn't open up but i love how it's nice and also open now. Examine in was easy and also Ella, the front workdesk girl to be so sweet!!!! Personable and also so knowledge around football, i deserve to only imagine what a revolt she is on Sundays. She really made check in a breeze, acquired me a microwave because that my room, and also just really went out of her method for me, i beg your pardon did no go unnoticed, I'm actually calling corporate tomorrow to provide a rave review personally. Room is large, clean, modern. Wifi is fast and easy to connect. The watch is gorgeous. What else have the right to i say? It's a yes, really nice hotel.
Hello tattedwdimples, We give thanks to you because that sharing v us your current stay. We will be financially rewarding Ella because that her great customer service. We love come read about our employee making a difference. How she make you feeling at home, and welcomed. Ella is certainly showing what the definition of hospitality means. We'll see you on your following visit to san Jose. Regards.
The lobby was nice.. The an initial room we were checked right into was dirty. Covid security yea right. I referred to as down & to be told who would lug us a new key. After waiting in the hallway for 10 mins we went earlier to the lobby. After wait for another guest to check out for the exact same reason... We were told someone had already brought us brand-new room keys. We had to go ago to that floor come wait for someone to provide us room tricks that was on another floor. In a hurry ns jumped in the shower & noticed hair in the tub. There were ash through the sink too in a non cigarette smoking room. At night once I was washing my challenge a flea do the efforts to attack me.
Hello BTA1931 I'm very sorry come hear about the room you were checked into. I'm optimistic this was a clerical typo ~ above our component when placing ours rooms native dirty to clean ~ above our operating system. Ours hotel has been getting an extremely high clues in the 90's once it comes to cleanliness. Nobody the much less we will look and see who had actually cleaned the room. We'll speak to the housemaid about your remarks and our high standards. We evaluate your time letting us know just how we did. Us hope girlfriend could take into consideration us again as soon as in san Jose. I understand this was not the ideal impression however would like to make it up.

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I will never ever stay at this hotel again. At check-in, i was told the room the I had actually reserved and had a configuration number for was not available. The room that ns was offered was smaller and also was without any type of of the amenities that i wanted and also was ready to pay for. The hotel asserted the room the I reserved was unavailable as result of Covid-19. In fact, according to the hotel manager, the entire 8th, 9th and also 10th floors had been close up door for much more than a year. I asked why, then, to be I enabled to reserve a room ( and receive a conformation ) as soon as the room had actually been unavailable for an ext than year. The hotel staff had no response. Then, without any notification from the hotel staff, the hot-water boiler broke down. As soon as I returned to my room in ~ the finish of my business day (4:30 pm PDT) and also tried to take it a shower, the water was ice-cold. I called down come the former desk and was said the "Problem" had arisen earlier in the day and also that it to be solved. Long-story short -- the hotel staff lied come me. The hot water was not restored until after ~ midnight the adhering to day. The manager concerned my room come "check the water temperature" and also was visibly nervous as she behavior to recognize that she go not intend the problem to "last this long". The manager did agree come comp one nights stay for the inconvenience. However, it's essential to point that she just made the sell AFTER I had actually made 6 (6) calls down to the front workdesk over a 5 hour time period to complain about the problem. Every time i called, i was told the "problem had been solved" as soon as in reality it hadn't. Because that those that desire a hotel close come the airport, ns strongly suggest choosing any other property but the vacation Inn - Silicon Valley.…