Lots of world have been asking me recently, “is warm tools a good brand?” And, if it’s not a top of the line, professional hair straightener manufacturer, ns actually execute think this brand has some really good qualities. I made decision to take a close look at one model and do a comprehensive hair straightener review on all the good things and the poor things.So, this day I’ll check out the warm Tools Pink titanium straightener. While that doesn’t precisely make me feel like dancing, I perform recommend it as a reasonably reliable and also effective mid variety model.

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It Won’t stop You native Burning down the House!

I really love straightening irons with an automatically shut turn off feature. I’ll recognize that i’m a tad forgetful and also sometimes I in reality get fifty percent way to work and then need to turn around and go earlier home again since I’m worried that i haven’t turn my flat iron off. Most of the moment I have and also it’s simply my mind play tricks on me!



Convenient Features

The pink titanium level irons have a few great tiny features which include to their convenience – a huge plus in my book! The ideal of these functions is the 8 foot swivel cord which makes it simple to maneuver around my head and is super comfortable if her nearest strength outlet is a long way from your mirror!

Will it Curl?

I truly believe that the job of curling hair with a curling iron room over. With the right set of flat irons, friend can cut down ~ above the number of tools you require by making use of the level iron because that curling and straightening.

The perfect curling dimensions because that a flat iron space one customs plates and also this straightener not only meets the criteria, it also has a couple of other features which do curling easier. The warm Tools Pink Titanium functions slightly rounded edge on the floating bowl which do it simpler to curl, narrow housing so the nothing’s in the method and much less gap in between the plates and also the real estate to stop snagging together you curl.

If you’ve ever wondered what is much better ceramic or titanium curling iron? The answer is titanium. Not just is this material ideal for straightening hair, the increased an adverse ions eliminate frizz to leaving you with smooth, glossy curls i m sorry last much longer.

Lots of civilization ask me how to curl black color hair with a level iron. And also it functions in precisely the same way as any type of other hair type: starting from the roots, record a ar of hair, flip the hair about the level irons and then pull gradually down through the section. The an essential to gift able come curl black color hair with flat irons yes, really is the product you choose.

Regardless of her hair type, if you’re ~ a level iron the you have the right to use for occasional straightening or curling as the the atmosphere strikes you, The warm Tools Pink Titanium flat iron is great choice. If she thinking much more for everyday styling, I’d recommend stepping up to a much more professional model. I have lots of evaluate of professional straighteners for you to select from if you’d like to take a look.

Is there tranquility of Mind?

The greatest thing that bothers me around this product is the the warm tools manufacturer warranty is really difficult to find. I constantly buy mine straighteners top top Amazon.com, fairly than the manufacturer’s website, because I choose to have the ability to shop about for alternatives and to compare straighteners brands.

Usually, the warranty details is displayed right there on the product listing. But, on this hot Tools listing, it merely said “contact the manufacturer to request details on the warranty”. A pretty off-putting post for a liven girl! Perplexed, i flicked over to some of their other commodities to watch if there was a warm tools curling iron warranty and, again, I obtained the same answer.

I am yet to discover the answer come whether there is a warm tools vouch or not. But, in ~ the price, I expect it doesn’t really issue if that doesn’t last forever.

The last Verdict: All best for the Price

For a set of straighteners under $60, i think The hot Tools Pink Titanium is a pretty an excellent buy. Overall, I give this version a 3.5 star rating. It does have quite a many going for it:

It’s on the best side of the titanium versus ceramic curling irons debate.You’ve got full control over the amount of heat you use to your hair.It’s good for curling as well as straightening.It’s absolutely priced come sell.

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And, over there are simply a couple of points which let it down:

They might as well not have bothered through the “auto-shutoff”.It’s tough to find any type of information ~ above the manufacturer’s warranty, which has me just a tad worried.

The warm tools reviews on Amazon.com are greatly pretty positive. Why not waltz top top over and also check them out?