The length of 18 inches have the right to be daunting to visualize if friend don’t have an accurate means to measure up it.One that the ideal methods to figure out the dimension of other is to compare it to other items of similar size.If you room looking to gain a feeling of exactly how long 18 inches yes, really is, comparing the adhering to objects will certainly be helpful.

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How long is 18 inches?

18 inches is equal to 45.72 centimeters or 1.5 feet.Here are various other items that room 18 inches long.

2 clock straps

A clock strap is the really item that connects come the watch permitting it to fit approximately your wrist. These are likewise called clock bands and also can be made out of plastic, leather, cloth, metal, and other materials. Although many world don’t undertake a watch to phone call time anymore v all the tech products available, they are still worn as a fashion statement.Watch straps will differ in size and depending ~ above the size of her wrist, there are numerous to choose from.A usual length for a clock strap is about 9 inches long. Thus if you inserted 2 of castle lengthwise, they would certainly equal 18 customs long. Here is my present watch strap which mirroring it’s just over 9 inches long.

Back scratcher

How annoying is it as soon as you have an itch in the middle of your earlier and can not reach it?Enter the ago scratcher.These are a device made specifically for reaching areas of your ago that you can’t reach. Many ago scratchers space made the end of plastic or bamboo and will have actually claws or tips on the end to help relieve an itch.Back scratchers are typically in the range of 17 – 22 customs long. It’s usual for civilization to usage an 18 inch long earlier scratcher which seems to be the right size for the averaged size person.

6 Post-it notes

Post-it notes are very popular approximately the home or office. Lock are available in a couple of different sizes and are usually a little piece of file with a strip of glue on the back used to attach notes come a folder or various other document. Post-it notes were presented in 1977 and also are still typically used today. The size of these notes can selection from 1.5 x 2 inches approximately 5 x 8 inches. The most usual size because that a Post-it keep in mind is 3 x 3 inches. Therefore 3 inches vast and 3 customs tall. If you space looking to get an idea of how long 18 inch is, just take 6 Post-it notes and stick them next by side. They will equal 18 inch in length.

9 – #12 hardwood screws

A wood screw is especially designed come perform far better than other species of screws as soon as working v wood projects. They space pointed metal screws with sharp threads designed to be most efficient when placed into wood and holding 2 pieces together. A range of wood screw sizes space available, through the most usual size being the #12 hardwood screw which is 2 inches long. Making use of this screw is a great reference because that length and also if you had 9 the them put together, they would equal 18 customs long. 

4 – 12 oz coffee mugs

If you are anything prefer me, friend will have a favourite coffee mug. Many people have an addiction to collecting coffee mugs and also love their coffee. Many coffee mugs space made out of ceramic material as that is an extremely solid and durable. But they can additionally be made out of glass, metal, and copper. Coffee mugs are also accessible in a variety of sizes. The 12 oz mug is very popular and also it deserve to be used conveniently as a size reference. Many 12 oz coffee mugs are 4.5 customs tall. For this reason if you were to location 4 of these very same mugs one on height of the other, they would equal 18 inch tall.

6 Post-it notes that space 3 x 3 inches each put side by side amounts to 18 inches long.

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2 Bowling balls

Bowling is a really popular sport that is played around the world. Bowling balls have progressed from using timber to rubber materials in the beforehand 1900s to now being made out of plastic, polyester, urethane, and also resin. The typical bowling ball provided in 10 pin bowling leagues has a diameter of 8.592 inches. So if you measure the distance with the facility of the ball emotional both sides, it would equal 8.592 inches. If you have the right to imagine 2 bowling balls next by side, they will provide you an idea of just how long 18 inches is. 

9 AA batteries

An AA battery is among the most usual power cells in the world today. They are swappable and fit in numerous devices offering power come the unit.You deserve to use a selection of battery varieties to measure up the size of something. Battery come in various sizes and also are a good tool to usage for measuring. The AA battery is 2 inches long. To obtain an idea of how long 18 inches yes, really is, you simply need to place 9 of this batteries with each other lengthwise to equal 18 customs long. 

Half that a go step

Walking procedures are an excellent to use as a referral for measure the length of something. You deserve to use walking steps to measure up longer distances such together feet and yards, yet can additionally be used to aid visualize smaller measurements. The average human has actually a walking action of 3 feet vast or 36 inches. If you to be to measure 1 complete walking step and cut the in half, it would equal an extremely close to 1.5 feet i beg your pardon is 18 inches. This will give you a reasonable idea of how long 18 customs is.